EverQuest II Rolls Out the Battlegrounds

Starting February 16th, get ready to PvP across servers. EverQuest II is catching up with the mainstream MMO trends by adding battlegrounds to the mix, giving EQII PvP players the instanced scenarios that they've been looking forward to for a while.

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hay3247d ago

They should update the engine. As I love EQ I hate it's engine. It's clunky and pretty much retarded.

Saryk3247d ago

It’s Everquest 2 not Everquest Live or one, what ever you want to call it. If it was EQ1, I would agree, but EQ2 is awesome even by today’s standards in graphics.

BUT…………….All I can say is it is about time they done something like this. I might resub, just to check it out.