Eidos releases new Hitman Triple Threat box artwork

Eidos Interactive has released the box artwork (retail packshot) from Hitman Triple Threat, that is coming out on June 20, 2007 on PS2 and PC-DVD!

The Hitman Trilogy will feature Hitman: Blood Money, Hitman: Silent Assassin, and Hitman: Contracts along with a sneak preview bonus disc of Eidos' upcoming thriller Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

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The Real Joker4199d ago

Yeah this is great news for this site IF you like to smoke hot man pole.

Diselage4199d ago

well it does also spread the news of the box set, this is the first time i've seen news of the set.

DrPirate4199d ago

Someone forget Hitman Codename 47 much?

Diselage4198d ago

quadruply doesn't sound as good as trilogy