Panasonic Producing New 45nm Video Processors

Panasonic just rolled out a new 45nm video processor chip, replacing the older 65nm version used in its previous products. What's this mean to you? A few impressive things, actually. The new chip boasts far less energy consumption (nearly half of its predecessor), better 1080p compression/decompression support, and the ability to process two 1080p screens simultaneously by way of the chip's multi-decoding technology.

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The Real Joker4194d ago

I like Samsung Tvs. They make a great product. Panasonic does have the Elite series which is pretty good audio equipment. A lot of my friends are into high end video and would give me crap for having a Panasonic. I am sure the picture is nice though. Its kind of like having sex with a fat girl. Sure its fun but you would not want any of your friends to know about it.

Ru4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Its anything like buying a brand?
A host of new and different poducts will use this CHIP... Hopefully!

mcintosh2334194d ago

have you ever read a review panasonic and pioneer are the two best tv makers by far. samsungs are good budget make but not in the same league as those mentioned above.
your friends are obviously fanboys of some degree