Get your Mass Effect 2 PC saves here

Lost your original Mass Effect save? Fancy an alternate Shepard to your own? Or maybe you've played the original game on 360 and you want the PC version of Mass Effect 2 with the same choices? Get Your Mass Effect PC saves here.

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tdrules3243d ago

yes i have "lost" my level 60 character....

in all honesty i got to 45 and got bored

HDgamer3243d ago

Perfect for the ones who don't have time for the first game.

PrimordialSoupBase3243d ago

Or switched to a far superior platform.

4pocalyps33243d ago

i lost my save wen i had to format my comp. so this is since i can't be bothered doing the whole story again and am getting the game first day.

tdrules3243d ago

nah you can get it on PC

tdrules3242d ago

you said you switched to a far superior platform, you can get ME2 on PC silly

PrimordialSoupBase3242d ago

... my point... your brain... not computing!

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jmare3243d ago

All you get for having a maxed character from the first game is some stat bonuses. You don't get to keep your level 60 character. And you can pick and choose what happened as far as the choices are concerned from the first game.

Method3242d ago

The default new Shepard had Wrex killed off in the first game. That alone is more than enough reason to use a pre-save. Wrex is a true bro.

jmare3242d ago

So what? Wrex isn't going to be a party member in this one so what's the point?

3242d ago
FantasyStar3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

This is why I love PC.

With consoles, especially now. There's the achievement/trophy system that prevents stuff like this. I beat ME1 over 7 times already completely 100% on the 360. I lost my ME1 save and can't ass myself to go through all that again.

I miss the days of PS2/Xbox where there wasn't alot of restrictions. Like being able to download other people's saves. And using cheat devices for games like MGS2 or FF12 just for the hell of it after the 1st playthrough.

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