Top 10 PS3 Exclusives... Until Now

Videogameszone created a list of their top 10 games for PlayStation 3. For example, the list contains Warhawk, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet and MotorStorm.

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Blaster_Master3247d ago

Dont know why they brought up Uncharted 1, then Uncharted 2, but besides LBP, and Resistance 2, I agree with this list. My son is playing Motorstorm 2 right now, and even though Ive played the crap out of it already and bought the expansions, there are still things about it that blow me away. The way the trees and bushes flail around when vehicles zoom passed them, the way the dirt and water streaks across the screen when driving though it, the rainbow reflection in the water, the lava, 100's of different vehicles, no lag online, the volcanoes, everything about it makes me wanna just scream in joy. I dont understand why the 360 sells more games when the best games are on the ps3?

xabmol3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

It is my favorite racer this gen. (Probably ever)

They brought up UC1 because it was an AMAZING game that blew people away and UC2 is there because it blew UC1 away.