Gaming Under Construction 0.02 – Changing How Games Are Sold

Diehard GameFAN's Jon Widro writes: Last week, I made the case that the game industry is moving from a packaged, complete buyable product towards a time-based rental-like system for the distribution of new games. It's already underway, and seems like a gradual process, but before you know it, everything will be digital. There are certainly arguments to be made for maintaining a system of packaged game products, but that ship has sailed – there is no need to cling to a system which is being phased out. The percentage of gamers who need to "have a physical game" is shrinking every year

If the public is ready to consume in this new way, and developers/creators have already embraced the general concept, it's time for the industry to construct a sales infrastructure to support multiple revenue streams.

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ATi_Elite3244d ago

Steam and the PC community are once again light years ahead of everyone else.

Been downloading my games from Steam for a while. Play any new release right at midnight on release day.

Steam gets better every year and is the model for Digital Distribution.