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With 256 players online at once M.A.G may have been ambition taken a step too far, however this game works and it works so well that we may just be looking at the future of first person shooters, and if this is the future then I for one am very excited.

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zoks3103242d ago

Not a bad score. I played M.A.G all night last night and trust if you want a tactical MMO/RPG FPS then you pick up this game.

Pennywise3242d ago

Anyone who likes FPS games should like this game if they give it a chance. Unnecessary hate is messing this launch up. I have never seen such a smooth first day for an online game before.

OGharryjoysticks3242d ago

Well it seems to have kept the annoying little kids away =)

Cyrax_873242d ago

If the community's as strong as SOCOM and Warhawks, the game will do fine.

darthv723242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

There will be loads of fans in here touting the legitimacy of this review and downplaying the reviews of 8's or slightly lower.

In all fairness, I find the game enjoyable and give it a solid 8. A 9 on the other hand...may be something of a stretch. A good game overall.

Blaster_Master3241d ago

"There will be loads of fans in here touting the legitimacy of this review and downplaying the reviews of 8's or slightly lower."

And yet you give us your score of the game in this comment section? You are definitely the epitome of fail.

darthv723241d ago

I did neither: tout the legitimacy or downplay others.

What's your excuse?

Digitaldude3241d ago

At least not some hate for no good reason.
Good review.

-Alpha3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

What?? Nobody HATED The game.

The lowest score I've seen was a 6.8.

And if you read the reviews people had LEGITIMATE issues with MAG. Yet it still scored between 7-9.

People seem to act as if an 8 or a 7 is bad which is absolute bull. And now that one site gives it a 9 the website is all of a sudden credible or the review isn't too early.


Funny, when Uncharted 2 reviews were pouring in you were praising reviews and loved how the media adored Uncharted 2. Now all of a sudden that they are giving mixed reviews to MAG they don't matter.

Chubear3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Atleast they played the game 'till domination which only just got unlock yesterday unlike the reviews YOU upheld that were based off beta sessions.

However, if you're looking for reviews to play then enjoy playing reviews. I'm and so many others are enjoying this historic moment in gaming and having a blast.

I've always thought reviews should always state what lvl the review was done at, Easy mode/80% complete etc etc to give the reader a better understanding as to how you review but ofcourse most reviews never tell their readers that they hardly ever even play 50% of a game on normal before giving a review. I think if gamers knew how bad these reviewers do their jobs, they'd feel stupid for ever listening to them.

As for MAG, reviews should really tell the readers as to what lvl they got to and show they atleast commanded as an OiC I'd say but meh, it is irrelevant. The gamers have spoken for themselves and they love MAG. Let the bitter naysayers cry about reviews, I'll on MAG having fun.

40cal3241d ago

I want to see MAG faction avatars on the PSN tomorrow. Come on Zipper, represent.

execution173241d ago

unless i do a couple game trades then maybe that'll get me somewhere

sikbeta3241d ago

"buh buh's to soon for a score"

IT'S TOO SOON, but Reviews are Already out, so nothing can be done...

SilentNegotiator3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

*Golf Clap*

They should be waiting even LONGER, though.

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wotta3242d ago

Everyone seems to be working as a team so far and the game seems to be running very smoothly.

undercovrr3242d ago

finally! a review website that actually acknowledges MAG for its amazing ability to contain 256 players, and make it fun. I dont know why people are saying its hard to find players that cooperate. Its like the reviewer said, if you blatantly shoot and kill without helping your squad, you barely get points. The game does a fantastic job in maintaining replayability and teammwork.
Kudos to Wonderwallweb, as it is hard to find an honest review site that is optimistic and passionate about video games.

-Alpha3241d ago

So basically, all those 8/10 games weren't enough?

Your basically admitting that this game deserves a 9.0 score and downplaying the rest because they didn't give it a highscore?

I hate how people expect nothing lower than a 9.0 and how people can never accept that 7-8 isnt bad either.

The game got a 9 on this website yet there goes all the excuses of 'too soon, random website doesn't count' etc.

The double standards are ridiculous.

alphakennybody3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

@ alpha-male

I don't know what is your problem is but in almost every PS3 article you've commented you always sound so negative towards all the positive feeds it get. I do agree that 7-8 as scores are okay( in fact I hate review scores, they kill games), but the fact that they reviewed only a fraction of the game doesn't justify the score at all. Especially when sony clarified that all review before release were not legit since servers were not even open. please if you want to take a neutral stance in this whole console war sh*t, please do it properly with a neutral tone or just don't say anything at all. Thats is I have to say.

-Alpha3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

You are right, I have been very negative, and I apologize if that's annoyed you. If it makes you feel better I'm considering getting MAG sometime down the line once the DLC and more patches and the community matures. And FYI I'm not being negative towards the game, even though I think it's fairly standard, I just dislike how some people hyped it like Killzone 2 (calling it revolutionary, new standard, only on PS3, etc) only to find the reviews scoring it slightly lower.

If this review was anything lower than a 9 then people would continue making excuses.

I don't understand why people can't be satisfied with the 7-8 scores. The game is great and it does not have to be AAA to be appreciated.

I'm not trying to be negative, but I know that I am.

All of a sudden, this review is considered credible, despite the fact that It's a random website (which usually is dismissed around here if the score was bad).

Now, I know that a few reviewers unfairly judged the game when Domination wasn't unlocked. I absolutely agree that they are worthless reviews-- but I have never read reviews where they criticized the modes or the flow of the game-- so though they may not have played Domination, they didn't claim to and I don't think that they had to justify the claims they made that they understood early on in the game (like the graphics, teamwork, etc). And unless they missed some BIG thing, then I don't see a significant difference between the people that reviewed it prematurely and for those who waited after the the Domination mode was unlocked.

Also, many multiplayer games are never fully played before reviews are put in. Look at MW2. On the surface the MP looked great but spend enough time with it, rank up to the highest levels and you will see its flaws. Yet, nobody complained there about MP reviews. This is essentially the problem with reviewing MP games-- they are and can only be reviewed on the surface. I don't understand why follow up reviews for MP aren't done, or at least 2nd impressions.

The difference of course is that MAG is MP only. And I do understand that the game requires more time, but people were so upset with 8.0 scores. When is that considered bad??

By the way, this website gave a 8.0 for the story. What Story!? "Join your squad and fight for world domination" THAT gives the story an 8.0?

People are do dismissive about negative reviews and make tons of excuses but legitimacy is thrown out the window when they see a nice shiny 9.0 number.


That's exactly the attitude that people should have. The game IS too soon to be judged. A game like MAG WILL require extensive reviewing. Yet, when a 9.0 score comes up nobody questions how much deeper of a knowledge this website has gotten, they just care for the fact that they gave the game a 9.0

All of a sudden enough time has passed to judge MAG, despite a mere hours ago people were making excuses.

pixelsword3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I can't call any of them credible, good or bad, because from what I hear the Beta didn't have every mode, vehicle, or gameplay mechanic to base a score on. and I'm sure you can't get to everything in the actual game to make a competent judgment call.

This is one you have to buy/try on faith, then allow it to congeal in the little pockets of your gaming guts.

@ alpha:

Thanks, it's something I believe personally about this game. I've been in it for over four months for the Beta. I didn't like it at first to be perfectly honest, but it was because I wasn't using the mic, I wasn't doing objectives: the first time I realized that this was like SOCOM on steroids, it all came together for me. And that took about one month; after that, I was also in the Battlefield BC2 demo, and I liked MAG more than that. I must admit though, I like the range of weapons in B:BC2 more though, but that could have changed already from the final MAG game, which I don't have yet. Friday, maybe; but not yet.

alphakennybody3241d ago

@ alpha

I'm not really annoyed, just saying... I know you're don't wanna be biased towards any consoles (which I honestly support) , but if you reply to some of those idiotic comment you mentioned... at least have a neutral tone.

-Alpha3241d ago

Fair enough, I'll try :)

Dev8 ing3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The thing about those early reviews and even this one. Is that none of the reviewers can possibly have reached the Officer in Command level. You don't see anyone on MAG above level 30. So if they haven't tried the whole game then they are in no position to review it whether the score is good or bad.

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Redlogic3242d ago

but after reading a few of the reviews...well I decided I'm going to enlist. I wish I never put this game on my birthday wish list so I could have just bought it already!! I can't wait till I get my Best Buy gift card from my Aunt.

Sevir043242d ago

they've played the game to grea leanghts based on the full game and seen the community. and like everyone who has enjoyed the game have said it. it isn't 256 players of idiocy, it's a coerent team of players who organized them selves to bring in an experience not quite like any other. it's awesome and they enjoyed it. that 2 review's already from MAG that have gotten 9 and up. the reviews if they are done like this and come out later on this week should perfectly represent the game and MAG's Metascore should go pretty high if they are played the same way and taken the same way WWW has done it. So we shall see. edge we are still waiting for your elitist 2/10 review :)

Pennywise3242d ago

I still don't think any reviews should be out yet.

Ravage273242d ago

indeed. I bet all the reviewers have not touched more than 10% of what the game has to offer.

Pennywise3242d ago

7 hours of play for me = lvl 7. Can't play Domination or Lead. WTF kind of review could I give?

I should of picked up revive. Now I can't until lvl 9.

raztad3242d ago


Point is: If you haven't touched Domination yet and already loving the game, Domination would be like icing of the cake, it will only make you love the game even further. However if you are just getting started and feel the game is overwhelming, it is a good thing to wait to try Domination before to pass a definite judgement.

Dev8 ing3241d ago

It took me 5 hours to reach domination. It isn't hard if you get the resuscitaiton kit at level 5.

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