Hooked in 60 Seconds

It's said that we form opinions about the things around us incredibly quickly. It's the same for games. The early moments are crucial. Here, developers at LucasArts, Naughty Dog, Bizarre Creations and Free Radical Design explain some tricks of the trade...

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MK_Red4166d ago

Superb article, games really need strong start. If player is hooked in 60 seconds, they're succesfull. I still can forget how fast and epic I fell in love with original God Of War, the opening with Kratos killing himself and then action kicking in on a ship in storm. Thats my problem with Half Life, the real game takes up to 10 minutes before showing up. Start of Dead Rising with a camera shoot over city with an explosion followed by meeting a stranger saying "This my friend... Is HELL!!" was awesome.

I think they should have talked about original Silent Hill, with player following the girl until being killed by short minions! And also Monkey Island 3, with Guybrush starting the game in middle of a pirate battle near port and then shooting other pirate boats.