Japanese investors wait for Obama's speech, videogame moguls unmoved

Critical Gamer writes: As native stocks plunge, most Japanese investors cautiously await American President Barack Obama's Wednesday State of the Union address. Associated Press reports Nintendo and Microsoft as companies less worried.

Japanese shares fell for the fourth day straight. Investors paused to wait on a stronger populist tone from Obama. Yutaka Shiraki, senior strategist at Mitsubishi UFJ securities Co Ltd. called their behaviour a "wait-and-see approach" and investors will "pay attention to his push for bank regulations." Such regulations may prove hard to impose, but Obama's rhetoric will be tough, rightly so.

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LesThom3241d ago

I'm excited to watch the State of the Union this evening. I've followed this, and every time Obama gives a major speech, Japanese markets soar for awhile, especially Nintendo (exports to U.S.)

scruffy_bear3241d ago

Obama has had a tough time and needs a good speech tonight

Nintendo don't need to worry about money as they now print it

socomnick3240d ago

:/ he wont get re-elected. His ratings plummet day after day as he continues to do a poor job.

lh_swe3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Please give me more of your astute political insight about how Obama is doing a poor job, considering I have seen more initiative from him than pretty much any president since Bill Clinton. People take so much for granted and go for what the flock believes just because a person happens to share a dissimilar belief to yours, take initiative and take an objective stance on things once in a while, it might be good for you. Most of all god for the people around you, on a side note you might look like less of an antagonising douchebag.

Darkstorn3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I want some populist rhetoric from Obama. He's been disappointing us left-wingers lately by settling for lackluster reforms. I'm sick of this faux 'bipartisanship' with a group of people (the Republicans) who have no intention to compromise on anything of note.

Bill Clinton didn't have THAT much 'initiative.' He bought in to the Greenspan deregulation craze just like all the other recent Presidents. He may have been socially center-left, but he agreed with Republicans on economic issues.

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3241d ago
Pidgeridoo3240d ago

I can't wait for Obama's speech tonight! :)

cruckel3240d ago

Almost everyone can't wait, from his blind followers to his blind haters

BlackTar1873240d ago

that is so true and funny.

Politics have always been about the mis informed leading the misinformed when it comes to couch politician and im no better.

Obama3240d ago

Today is the day that I declare playstaion 3 to be the best console of this generation. Kthxbye.

3240d ago
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