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Underhyped and underplayed games of this generation | iafrica.com

From No More Heroes to Brutal Legend, iafrica.com takes a look at some of the lesser-played titles of this generation. (Brutal Legend, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Culture, Dark Sector, Dead Space Extraction, No More Heroes, PS3, Viva Pinata, Wii, Xbox 360)

RooiWillie  +   1941d ago
Hehehehe classic follow-up :)
Sangria  +   1941d ago
No More Heroes, Brütal Legend, Dark Sector and MadWorld have the same weaknesses, they have interesting concepts but poor realization and lesser gameplay, which become quickly very repetitive.

I've finished NMH just to know if Travis Touchdown will finally accomplish his goal (f***ing Olivia) and because dialogs made me laugh, but the game itself isn't really good. I love Brütal Legend art style and dialogs, but the gameplay is very bad and the game lack of polish. Dark Sector brings an interesting add-on to the Third Person Shooter genre but its story and its game design are very generic. While MadWorld has an unique aspect but it becomes very repetitive as soon as you have completed the tutorial.

So even if I support small developers and would love to see games with a design as much developed as Brütal Legend, those games do not belong to any pantheon.
xabmol  +   1941d ago
I loved the world of Brutal Legend (bought the game day 1) but the game-play it's self was... meh...

And No More Heroes was a turd covered gem. I liked some of the fighting mechanics, the boss fights were cool, and the story/atmosphere was funny. But I hated those odd jobs, that poorly designed open world BS, and replaying the same fights over, and over, and over, and over...
knifefight  +   1941d ago
Brutal Legend was underhyped? I saw it on the cover of at least one magazine and posts about it were all over the internet for quite a while x_x
MajesticBeast  +   1941d ago
the story and enviroment was good in brutal legend but the gameplay just wasnt there it was half assed like it needed more polish instead of multiplayer.
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-MD-  +   1941d ago
Bought Condemned, Rented Valkyria Chronicles + Viva Pinata and Brutal Legend is in my Gamefly queue.

Condemned was such as awesome game.
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umair_s51  +   1941d ago
VC is amazing
hadlee  +   1941d ago
Brutal Legend
Well, the game sold poorly and while the lawsuit went on, neither EA or Activision could promote the game.
Snoogins  +   1941d ago
Dead Space fits the category.
Having waited for the game to hit the bargain bin (didn't take long for the price to drop, but I was still hessitant), I finally got it from Amazon tonight. Just now reaching the 2nd chapter, I've realised that I have been missing out on a great experience. My hat is off to EA for making this title possible.
hadlee  +   1940d ago
Dead Space
Didn't it make a decent amount of sales? On 360, PS3 at least?
free3sixty  +   1940d ago
Too Human is one of the most underplayed games this gen. I mean really, the story wasnt as good as promised but the gameplay and the "Diablo style" made me addicted.
hadlee  +   1940d ago
Too Human
was more overhyped than underhyped seeing that it was in development for ten years almost and touted to be a killer app for the Xbox 360
maniacmayhem  +   1940d ago
Too Human was a Killer App for 360??
RooiWillie  +   1940d ago
It was made out to be before it was launched and then we all got our hands on it and realised that's just PR talk.
DecoyOctopus  +   1940d ago
bionic commando
kraze07  +   1940d ago
Brutal Legend was over-rated not under-rated. Dead Space fits the list though. That game doesn't get the attention it deserves.
maniacmayhem  +   1940d ago
Totally agree
Brutal Legend was way over hyped because of jack Black reprising his same Tenacious D roll and the name of Tim Schafer being on it.

I remember everyone on forums (N4G included) comparing Schafer to Jesus and how BL would be the best game ever. Once again the internet praises something and raises it up to olympian status but never follows through.
hudsoniscool  +   1940d ago
chronicles of riddick escape from butcher bay
this game got a 89 from metacritic
it had amazing graphics for its time
it had an awsome story
it had great gameplay and replayability
yet it only sold .43 million copies when it should have sold at least 2m
Ghostsmoker  +   1940d ago
I must agree ...
This game is really great!
VanHalen  +   1940d ago
Earth Defense and Condemned, missing Riddick!!!
Yes Riddick was an awesome game. You should pick up the new version redone in HD and also includes a whole new Riddick single player game as well, Dark Athena. 2 games in 1 and well worth the $20. I highly recommend picking it up if you havent already for PS3 or 360. First Condemned still and always will be one of my favorites on the 360. The graphics still hold up very nice too! Did not like the 2nd one. Earth Defense was another awesome title and was big in Japan. If you are into old school Japanese monster movies then this is your game! Giant ants, robots, spiders etc. running amuck! Its great fun blasting away at everything. Great title!!!
RooiWillie  +   1940d ago
Butchers Bay was previous gen
Kakihara  +   1940d ago
I really liked Brutal legend but it started taking itself far too seriously about halfway through. When we got into goth territory I thought we'd start getting some great jokes about goths but it handled that whole section of the game super seriously. I also didn't like how the feel and music went all goth industrial and never really returned to the cool classic metal style it had at the beginning.

I downloaded the demo for Valkyria chronicles (or however you spell it) the other day and can't believe I don't already have this game. I usually hate Japanese cutesy anime style things but the game just looks beautiful and for some reason really reminds me of the original Vandal hearts. I'd say the turn based strategy game is the most underrated genre. It's a style that gives you far more opportunity to be tactical than real time strategy games where you spend too much time racing your opponent to build your resource plants and whatnot (another thing I didn't like about Brutal legend) before whoever has built up the most resources barrels across the map to stomp on the opponent.
VanHalen  +   1939d ago
Butchers Bay for the PS3 and 360, not the original xbox version. Its been remastered in HD and looks awesome!

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