Someone Has The Halo: Reach Beta

Someone seems to have gotten their hands on the private beta of Halo: Reach early.


All Games Beta have revealed these images are fake.

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mjolliffe3245d ago

Oh. He has it early. *jealousy kicks in ever so slightly*

JaggedSac3245d ago

Bungie hasn't even entered the beta phase of development, so unless this is from the future, it is a complete fabrication.

The Happy Baby3245d ago

I'm still puzzled as to why there is no video of this.

StanLee3245d ago

Actually, it's completely plausible that there is a close beta at this moment as the game's multiplayer moves from alpha to beta stage. It's not uncommon for there to be closed betas before a larger, public rollout.

Noctis Aftermath3245d ago

These are either fake or intentionally leaked, because why wouldn't they release gameplay screenshots/footage instead of title screen pictures if it were real?

MisterNiwa3245d ago

Goddamn! Im so jealous because Halo: Reach is sooo different from every other Halo!
I mean it has sooo good looking graphics, its unbelieveable!
And the gameplay is the best ever made!

Wow.. i feel dirty.

JaggedSac3245d ago

Actually, this was from the latest Bungie update:

"Builds are coming in at a blistering pace as the team continues to drive hard and fast towards the ever looming Alpha branch."

So, no, there is no closed beta right now. I wasn't even referring to the public beta. The game has not entered the beta phase, public or internal.

StanLee3245d ago

Thanks for the update. I appreciate the clarification.

otherZinc3245d ago

Someone show us a video, something, 20 seconds of game-play would be just fine!

darthv723245d ago

Sonic adventure and after burner climax!

SoX FireBlade3245d ago

I must say that those who made the fake betas look good

some of them really looked good for a main menu

darthv723245d ago

when the actual beta does come out...the title screen looks surprisingly familiar.


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Valay3245d ago

Doesn't this happen (sort of) often?

FanboyAttack3245d ago

Someone is pretty gullible if they think this is a real video.

DirtyLary3245d ago

We saw it on the internet, it's true!

mjolliffe3245d ago

Your pretty gullible if you think this is a video :S

It's two pictures...

Fanb0y3245d ago

Sheesh, we already know what the real menu looks like at the moment (orange color scheme with that giant rock off to the distance).
And someone who really has the game would leak gameplay as well, or nothing at all.



GodGinrai3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

did anybody else notice sonic adventure and .... afterburner climax? afterburner is coming to xbla? there right there in recently played list pic..

Double Toasted3245d ago

that this is a staff worker, not the average joe gamer like us...

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The story is too old to be commented.