BBC & ITV Show Interest in Videogames Industry

Current reports are suggesting that both the BBC and ITV have recently made moves to deepen their involvement with the videogames industry. With both corporations holding a number of valuable intellectual properties (IP) with a ready and available audience, could this mark a change for the fortunes of videogame production in the UK?

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Hellsvacancy3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

BBC & ITV Show Interest in Videogames - GOD HELP US GAMERS

The BBC and ITV would know NOTHIN bout videogames, they show NOTHIN but crap on normal TV. theyll end up bringin out sum dancin game or summin gay that features washed up "Celebrates"

Channel 4 would b the way 2-go, atleast the aint afraid 2 get there hands dirty (Shameless rules)

kevco333240d ago

Channel 4 have a number of shows that would convert well to videogames.

A little off topic - that episode of Shameless last night was the first time in AGES I've laughed-out-loud at a comedy program on British TV!