Adrianne Curry would love to be in the Warcraft film

During a brief interview about her bumpy ascension to modeling; and her gaming life, Adrianne Curry showed interest in voice over for game studios and acting for the Warcraft film.

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Maticus2978d ago

I get the feeling she takes anything she's offered!

kerriganss2978d ago

and is that a bad thing or? :p

Leord2978d ago

I love naughtiness! :)

bacon132978d ago

She's hot but could care less. Would be more excited if it was Tim Curry.

Limited_Vertigo2978d ago

A few years back she had half a boob, I don't trust people like that.

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AndyA2978d ago

Someone wants to be an actress. By any means necessary.

moondragon2978d ago

I wonder how this will end up.

Cogo2978d ago

All we want now is Raimi to tell us he's on the WoW film!

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The story is too old to be commented.