IncGamers' MMO Weekly: STO's Klingon Game

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis looks at the Klingon gameplay in Cryptic Studios' upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online and asks, is it just monster play?

"In this week's write-up, we'll explore the concept of "monster play". For those of you not familiar with the topic, well, don't go getting all excited. Apparently (much to my surprise) the term "monster play" isn't widely known among gamers, and conjures up vaguely naughty images of people dressing up in costumes and dry-humping one another."

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Leord3247d ago

God damn I love Hollis' writing style.

Furplay - lol!

Maticus3247d ago

There's certainly a lot of disappointment in the STO community about the lack of Klingon PvE content, but I think Cryptic is on the case.

Leord3247d ago

I think this was really interesting: I have not followed this debate, and did not know about this issue. I think that's terrible!

Fyzzu3247d ago

Yeah, it's a bit of a silly decision to do that to Klingons. I imagine it's so that they could get the game out of the door sooner...

AndyA3247d ago

Lazy development? Expected more from this.

Cosquae3247d ago

Yeah, the game is lacking a lot in content right now and I think it shows.

The Klingons more than anyone but the game could do with another 6 months development time honestly.