Epic new High-Res-Shots for Bad Company 2

Cannot wait for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to release? Then enjoy these really big PC-screenshots in 5120 x 2880 pixels. They show stuff of the singleplayer-campaign and suit as wallpapers.

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Senden3241d ago

Gotta love photoshop!

moneybuyseverything3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The pics don't do the game justice, how is that for photshoppppppp

darkmurder3241d ago

b b b ps3 is 1080P (... sometimes)

Silly gameAr3241d ago

How the hell are these screens photoshopped? Stop trying to start something. You're just making a fool of yourself.

OmarJA-N4G3241d ago

Looks amazing loved the beta PS3 version day 1... :)

@ moneybuyseverything\PoG\Why Dis...etc

Insecure much. :)

SilentNegotiator3241d ago

"Let me guess a PS3 fan not wanting to give up the PS3 graphics crown up"
It's going to be 720p without any AA and a crapload of screen tearing like the first game.

Hardy any sort of trophy winner of graphics.

bjornbear3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

since all the colours that should be brought out aren't (from a "photoshoping" point of view)

i believe they are in game, but as it states PC

dno if you were being sarcastic though xD

@ cry babies

wtf this is a PC article wth are you doing bringing in your own emotional luggage?

+ what about graphics King? Yeah seen the single player, its awe dropping and easily will be the best looking multi-plat ever, but if you are trying to talk exclusives don't bother, really =P

Christopher3241d ago

These are upscaled 1080p graphics. They look very nice, but will only look this way on a good PC. I'm more in love with the environment design and detail in the game than the texture quality, though. Beautiful FPS w/destructible environments.

Somnipotent3241d ago

yes we know the pc has better graphics than consoles... but technically no one brought up the ps3 here until you did. your assumption that he said photoshop implied that he's calling foul on the pictures because he's a ps3 fanboy does little more than show that you're insecure about own self. here's a teabag...

y0haN3240d ago

Why are people commenting on this being the PS3 version? As if it will be anywhere near this resolution..

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Xwow20083241d ago

an over all quality it looks nice but there some low textures in some places like the stones in the jungle and the soldiers clothes.

sub853241d ago

Oh, yes - these screenshots a really epic. Hopefully, the MP is much better than the MW2 one...

ELite_Ghost3241d ago

I just wish they had killstreaks... God I love them on mw2...

WhoopDiDoo3241d ago

Those screenshots really look great. Can't wait for BC2!

ape0073241d ago

gonna be one meaty game

Typical-Guy3241d ago

Oh my god I will be broke for the first time ever. Getting MAG, then Heavy Rain and then BFBC2 and Alan Wait ( Oops I mean Wake) hehehe seriously too F***ing many games.

iistuii3241d ago

Not getting GT5years (oops i mean 5) then.

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The story is too old to be commented.