Apple TV service to launch for Wii?

A gaming blog is reporting that a television service from Apple could debut on the Wii. The owner claims he has spoken to a company executive who has revealed that the service will be unveiled at the brand new E3 next month.

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ITR4198d ago

I was just talking about this.

I feel a Wii/Apple TV media center coming on...if this rings true.

kspraydad4198d ago

a blog that is 2 weeks old....

Uh huh.

PS360WII4198d ago

Well just a rumor now but I like the rumor. What's with all this Nintendo and Apple rumor going around. First Nintendo maybe making games for the iPhone and now maybe Apple hooking up the Wii to the TV! They could be a dangerous duo ^^

Odion4198d ago

ya cause we all know Nintendos online instrustructure is whole enough to support this.

texism4198d ago

nintendo + apple = world domination and dictatorship where everybody is required to have sex at least twice a day and eat cookies and milk

ITR4198d ago

I wouldn't mind that at all.

ItsDubC4198d ago

What about the lactose-intolerant?

M_Prime4197d ago

I would love that! but only 2 times a day.. i could seriously go for more most days unless its hot out and my AC is broken..

and to answer ur question... SOYA MILK!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.