50 per cent of Brits would buy an Apple games console

Is there an Apple games console on the cards? According to a new poll, 1 in 3 Brits believes that there is. And 50 per cent of us would buy it.

The poll was carried out by retail website who polled more than 2,000 people, and now reports that 1 in 3 believe an Apple videogame console is already in development and that half of those polled would buy it if there was.

The poll results also showed that Steve Jobs is "the most respected entrepreneur" ahead of Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

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The Meerkat3242d ago

As much as I dislike Apple, an injection of new ideas into the console market can only be seen as a good thing.

Console Darwinism makes for happier gamers. (and angrier fanboys)

Corrwin3242d ago

Though Apple's ideas seem to be:

- Make is simple
- Charge 3 times the price
- Release a new, slightly improved version every 6 months.

Cost will be the deciding factor, and Wii is already the honorary "Apple" of the current gen.

Blaze9293242d ago

Why, so they can just buy the newer better model a year later for half the price?...then again a year later? Continuous cycle...

If Apple releases a game console I'd never touch it.

LukaX233242d ago

I would definitely buy one. Just cause Apple isn't known as much of a gaming company (though that's changing thanks to the app store), it doesn't mean they can't be good at it.

Remember this, cause it's a fact: Halo was first introduced to the world for the Macintosh. Who's to say something like that can't happen again?

SaiyanFury3242d ago

Apple already released a console back in the 90s in the form of the Pippin. It received almost no attention. Apple's branding trend these days shows their motives. They want technology to be an overpriced, fashion trend. Most iMacs are overpriced, as well as most iPods. If they made a console, it would no doubt be aesthetically pleasing as most of their gadgets these days, but would entail a high price tag. I recall people complaining about the 600 dollar price of the PS3. If Apple were to make a console to compete with the current players, it would have to be no more than 300 dollars. Not something they have a history of doing. With their current practises, I'd predict an Apple console would sell for no less than 500 dollars. This isn't based on personal opinion, it's based on Apple's business practises in the last 4 years. My 32GB MP3 player cost me 250 dollars last Christmas. The comparable iPod Touch at the time was 400 dollars. Just saying is all. Disagree all you like, but that won't change Apple's business model of marking their products up.

darkmurder3242d ago

Yeah I'd love an overpriced console with overpriced games due to a heavy ass Apple tax, add in heat could crack my console and or have it explode! What a brilliant idea but hey I'll look cool right? Even if the games suck....

SilentNegotiator3242d ago

Yuck. I'm sorry, but brits have bad tastes in gaming.

table3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

We brits are terrible for fads and have a worse taste in games than americans. Infact, we have bad taste in pretty much everything from music to food. We're a country of rats.

ThanatosDMC3241d ago

People should be more concerned if any good REAL exclusives would come out on an Apple console. They cant have Mario/Pokemon, Halo, and PS franchises. I hope it's not that stick shooter game that i play on my itouch.

It'll become another multiplatform console.

randomwiz3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

the console can always get exclusives that define, just as the original xbox got halo.

the reason an apple gaming system is unlikely is because apple can't charge their "apple tax" and stay competitive at the same time.

Setekh3241d ago

50% eh?

So 2000 people constitutes 50% of the population all of a sudden?
what a load of bollocks.

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Cajun Chicken3242d ago

Yep, I think they would do a good job. Design would be ultra sleek too, just need some inhouse developers and all set.

awesomeperson3242d ago

Been apple I think itld be alright, but I'm not sure how a games console of theirs would do.

And thankyou but I already spend enough money on consoles at the moment...

Can you imagine apple fanboys now migrating to gaming... Oh no they don't!

ATi_Elite3241d ago

As a PC gamer Apple fanboys are ok by me. then again I'm a High end PC gamer so my PC is almost as powerful as most of theirs. (quad core MAC PRO)

They are using top of the line Hardware but they don't brag about it.
They are not obnoxious idiots who will lie just to win an argument like some other Fanboy$.

I talk to Apple owners all the time (helping them to get windows working again on their MACs.

They really want more gaming on Apple computers versus a console but Apple is VERY protective of their OS. A console from Apple will be great. Really looking forward to it.

Jamescagney3242d ago

Not correct is it really, more like 50% of the people they asked. Last time I checked there was more than 2000 people in Britain.

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