Real Info about Apple's iSlate and its Gaming Aspect

Slashgamer Writes: "Jason Calancanis, the founder of such websites as Joystiq and Engadget, has gone on his twitter and spilled the beans about Apple's heavily rumored tablet PC. According to the entrepreneur, Apple asked him if he would go on television and talk about the importance of the tablet once its announced tomorrow, When he agreed to do the work, Apple sent over three guys, for security reasons, and dropped off the "iSlate," the rumored named of the device."

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Xakep3244d ago

That thing just became a want, even though I know an upgraded version will be out next year.

Sitdown3244d ago

I might want one...but would be in limbo...because like you said, there will be another next year. So perhaps I will see what kind of kinks are worked out..

butterfinger3244d ago

for the rumors to be over already. I want to see some concrete specs and a confirmed price tag.

Baka-akaB3244d ago

I just need a price tag , i'm already convinced after years of trying various tablet pc that this is the only good one out there , in the foreseable future ... based on a better interface alone

r3xmund13244d ago



butterfinger3244d ago

actually posted a "pic" of the Apple Tablet he has on his twitter about 4 hours ago. He stated that the NDA ended at midnight, so go check it out.

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