21 Predictions For E3 2007

With three weeks remaining before the start of (the much slimmed down) E3 2007, Gaming Target tries to play Nostradamus and relays 21 predictions they think will come true at the big show. Some of the predictions include:

#1 Firm release dates for Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Galaxy

#2 Sonic's participation in SSBB will finally be confirmed

#9 Killzone in real time will blow everyone away

#14 Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 will stay exclusive to the PS3 (for now)

#21 Take-Two will pledge massive support for the Wii including a GTA collection

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MK_Red4173d ago

Kool article. It even has Mortal Kombat! (But new MK game is not secret, they already announce MK8 I think)

drtysouf214172d ago

Wonder if it will be a radical change in the franchise.

Odion4173d ago

Personally i thought it was pretty dam boring nothing cool in there

Odion4173d ago

they didn't have a single positive thing for the 360

Bill Gates4173d ago

That's because there is NOTHING positive about that hunk of crap.


eques judicii4173d ago

They did put a little one at number 20 that they said was unlikely:

"#20 Kingdom Hearts X refers to an Xbox 360 version
Square-Enix doesn't do cagey. They let you know what they're up to and when they'd like it to happen. Then whatever they said is negated a few months later when whatever it is they're working on gets inevitably delayed. But they don't seem to want to discuss anything relating to the project company executives are referring to as "Kingdom Hearts X." Why? Because I believe the X stands for Xbox 360.

This belief jibes with two recent statements from the company about their future projects. First, an executive was quoted as saying "The Xbox 360 slate is empty as far as it comes to Final Fantasy." Meanwhile, the company's CEO, Yoichi Wada, stated that the company will focus on multiplatform gaming because that's what the market demands. Before this, Square-Enix has basically ignored the 360 (a port of Final Fantasy XI and the unproven Last Remnant don't count) and if the PS3 and Wii have Final Fantasy games locked up, what's left for the 360? Kingdom Hearts X, that's what. The 360 gives the company the install a game like Kingdom Hearts needs and the graphical abilities that developer Tetsuya Nomura wants. "

KingJFS4173d ago

What about #5? "Dead Rising 2 will be announced."

That sounds pretty positive for the 360 to me.

BitbyDeath4172d ago

Dead Rising 2 is going on both the PS3 & 360 so that's prolly why Odion didn't count it

gta_cb4172d ago

do you even own a next gen console? i know you dont like Xbox 360, but i doubt you even own a PS3 either.

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Bonsai12144173d ago

e3's only 20 days away? time flies...

mm, can't wait for it

drtysouf214172d ago

Me either. I think this will be the biggest E3 ever.

Phantom_Lee4172d ago

I mean....I personally think it will be just some new movies....
but i guess its just me

gta_cb4172d ago

yeh i cant wait either. i dont care if its not as big as before, as this is the first one i am going to be watching as before i never knew it existed lol

PS360WII4173d ago

Well after reading it you can deffinatly tell the guy wants Nintendo to own the show. I mean almost everything on that list is something good for the Wii.

To Odion they did say that maybe, just maybe Kingdom Hearts X is meant to be a Xbox 360 titles. That's pretty positive if you ask me


I was just going to say er, type that. The best predictions in the article were about the Wii, Most of the Negative comments were about the PS3 and Xbox was just somewhere in the middle. This wasnt a good read.