TeamXbox Interview: 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor

TeamXbox writes: "Frank "Frankie" O'Connor has been in a Halo orbit for quite a few years now, having moved from the game-journalism side of the game industry to the product side. content manager at Bungie. More recently, he oversaw the creation and release of the "Halo Encyclopedia" and left Bungie to take a job at 343 Industries, Microsoft's internal group that maximizes efforts on the Halo franchise. O'Connor serves as 343's franchise development director.

I was able to get some face-to-face time with O'Connor during a recent visit to the Seattle area, and he was gracious enough to sit down with us to talk about the various components that make up the Halo franchise. We also delved into some Halo fantasy, though the fan community has gone to lengths to take some fantasies and make them a reality (even if they're realities that will remain unendorsed by 343).

What you'll read below is an edited transcript from that sitdown. And be sure to come back to check out the second Q&A we did with Frankie, which consisted only of Halo-related questions from TeamXbox readers."

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BlackIceJoe3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

It is nice to see there is still hope for Halo Wars 2. I really liked the game and want to know what happens net in that story line. Plus the idea of using Natal with Halo Wars 2 sounds pretty cool.

I hope that some day there can be another ODST game by it self.

Plus it is good to hear that Peter Jackson still could do some thing with Halo some day with the 343 crew.

That was a nice interview it had some interesting things in it.