TGHZ: Monster Hunter Frontier Site Up – Are PS3 Fans Still Baffled?

If you haven't heard already, Monster Hunter Frontier will hit the 360 sometime this year. For those of you who don't know what Monster Hunter is exactly, it is as the title suggests; players take on the role of a hunter in a fantasy environment and complete quests by seeking out monsters to hunt or capture. Originally released on PlayStation 2, the game was a cult, and then a raving success in Japan.

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anh_duong3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

"While I know a few people who actually picked up the PS3 for this game"-tghz

are you sure?? i don't know of anyone who bought a ps3 for monster hunter .. not in the last couple of years at least..

DW3243d ago

... if I could name names I would ... but like the commenter said below, I have one Japanese friend who lives here in NY who was expecting this game on PS3. Remember, it was already announced by Capcom during the DMC4 announcement.

NeutralGamer3243d ago

Have you ever been in Japan? :s MH have its own religion in Japan...
Even the psp version (which suck, cuz of the difficulty) is a best seller...

anh_duong3243d ago

i have been to japan.. monsterhunter is very successful but why buy a console for a game that might or might not be coming.. dumb if you ask me.. mh was frozen for the ps3 years ago and even then it was just at the concept stage... so if anyone buys a ps3 for monster hunter they are pretty daft.. buy a ps3 for kz, uncharted etc etc etc but monster hunter.. err.. no

negrito2113243d ago

you have to pay to its about 64 dollars for the game,what an 50 dollars for XBL, and 15 dollars a month for the online fee.WOW do the math minus one month of free XBL and your still getting ripped of. i dont care what people say,but on a console there shouldnt be pay to play games even if it was on PS3 i wouldnt get it.and im looking at you to FF15.fees make the game unjoyable knowing that i have to pay every month for a game i already own.PC i can see because there known for the but console....i just counldnt justify a purchase.

it might be a good move for M$ in japan but most people that want this game im sure they already have it. personally i think steal battalion(however you spell)would have been a better choice.but thats why i only have a ps3.M$ nickle and dimes its fans which i think sucks but just cause you have to keep paying for something (xbl) etc doesnt always make it better but if they say so

DW3243d ago

... The pricing/billing structure already exists on Live. PS3 at the time did not even have a pricing structure for PSN; they are thinking about charging for advance services.

You see, this is where people start to say that PS3 charged services is wet donkey fart. True, everything will stay the same, but essentially it's what the other guys (PC and XBOX) are doing.

Back to the matter at hand, if Sony had anything like that Capcom could probably make money off of the game. Even though it's business, it still kind of sucks. The game probably isn't on the level of God of War III (which a lot of people picked up their PS3 for), but imagined if Santa Monica Studios did something like that?

And yes, MH has a cult following "in Japan" comparable only to WOW.

Disclaimer: for the WOW fans, please note that I said 'in Japan'.

MajorChipHazard3243d ago

Why would Capcom do this? Not only is it a 3 year old game... It is already out on PC. On top of that fact, there is a brand new Monster Hunter game on Wii... Why are people going to drop money on a console to get a game that they most likely already have on there PC or Wii.

DW3243d ago

... loyalists I believe. I wouldn't dare say the 'f' word.