"Megaton face melting news" soon, says CliffyB

VG247: So that kick ass news he promised yesterday? Turns out it was just the announcement of cameos of Marcus and Dom from Gears of War in Lost Planet 2.

But hold the phone, kiddlewinks.

Cliff Bleszinski is promising some "megaton face melting news" which should be coming soon.

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Ninji3245d ago

He said that the kick ass news was for gears of war characters to be playable in lost planet 2. If that is what he considers kick ass news then this megaton face melting news will be even more of a disappointment. I bet it will be something like Gears 2 coming to PC with an extra chapter.

Foliage3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

"Gears 3 will be the definitive Racing Game!!!!"

Does it really matter what this clown says? Microsoft makes their developers spew so much propaganda bullshit it's not even funny. I can't believe some of you guys eat their crap.

GiantEnemyCrab3244d ago

Epic isn't owned by MS.

" Microsoft makes their developers spew so much propaganda bullshit it's not even funny"

How rich coming from a Sony fan considering how much "the power of the cell" and "only thanks to the power of the PS3" or "Only possible with Blu-ray" propoganda Sony dev's are forced to spew. I watched a developer interview on PSN from E3 and every developer basically said the canned line "Only with the power of the PS3" like they were reading from a script.

Any time a business is talking about one of their products they hype it up. That's just business.

swiftshot933245d ago

Eminent Gears 3 announcement? Would be sick, but theres no way it would come out this year. Thats because MS arent stupid.

WildArmed3245d ago

I hope it is a new Gears announcement; none of that DLC maps stuff
Otherwise I'mma be putting that lancer where...
ugh.. i got my last comment deleted by a mod coz of that so i'll stop >.>

nix3245d ago

*360 fanboys' faces melt*

garos823245d ago

or does cliffy love himself too much?

anyways i hope its gears 3!

Bungie3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

i know whats the "Megaton face melting news"
it's really crazy, no joke

JonnyBadfinger3245d ago

but according to PS3 fanboys gears is crap... so why would you want it?

Bring on GEARS OF WAR 3!!! Now EPIC... how about fixing that broken matchmaking system you fools replaced over the GOW1 system?... huge mistake going true-skill matchmaking. That only works for Halo, and no other game should even attempt it... because Halo is the only game that can get away with it.

Ninji3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Because he's not a fanboy. ¯\(°_0)/¯

ssipmraw3245d ago


*360 owners faces melt*

WildArmed3245d ago

@1.6 Ninji
Chopperman approves this message.

PS: I wouldn't mind if they do a Shadow Complex sequel/prequel

SilentNegotiator3245d ago


Yuck, I hate that word ever since E3 2009.
"Megaton this"
"Megaton that"

snaz273245d ago

you dont even know how to string a sentence together! let alone have any insider info lol... i can tell you something that is a joke.... YOU!

nix3245d ago

wow.. dude. the only game i like in 360's list is GeOW series. i'm even willing to buy that GeOW clone game just for that.

i have nothing against 360 gamers as such but i hate MS for putting out f*ked up console and acting as if it's the "industry standard". i hate as they overhype their games. i hate their loud mouthed bosses (i know even Sony was a culprit but that was long back). i hate biased sites thumbing down PS3 games and doing the opposite to 360 games. and worst, i hate those who blindly support all this.

thank you. q:

Blaze9293245d ago

Does this guy remind anyone else of Dane Cook a bit?

TheBand1t3245d ago

Loud, obnoxious, not funny?

FamilyGuy3245d ago

Most PS3 owners would welcome Gears to their console though I'm %99 positive that wouldn't be the "face melting news" ClffyB is talking about. Gears 3 info most likely.

The only negative thing I've heard PS3 owners say about gears (gears 2 specifically) was that it was unfair that review scores didn't down the game for launching with a buggy online multi-player (which was later patched).

TheLog3245d ago

With addition of Natal voice command technology. Wow, that would be megaton face melting.

moneybuyseverything3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I was saying this in the Gears of War Lost planet 2 article yesterday. The Gears of War lost planet 2 exclusive content is just a fun way to viral market GEARS 3. I have so little bubbles because I'm always right. Could be a new IP or a built from the ground up GEARS 3 using the new Epic engine.

Why is this in the PS3 section? At least add Wii and PC if you're going to reach with the editing.

baum3245d ago

"I have so little bubbles because I'm always right"

OMG LOL *wipes of tears* lol lol a fanboy claiming to be right lolololololol seriously

Budg3tG4m3r3245d ago

Ninji yes he is you blind fool read his comment history. Anyway I think it may be Gears 3 news it's about time to let the cat out of the bag.

Guido3245d ago

Correction, Gears 2 was crap. Gears one was great and was something that pushed the 360 in a direction we all enjoyed. Gears 2 was heavy handed and full of the same and brought nothing new to the table. It was called Gears 1.5 for a reason and was nothing exciting tot hose expecting the same feel they had when the first was released.

hazardman3245d ago

even you know thats not happening, but you did make me laugh a i'm not saying that Marcus and his boys won't show up on PS3, but I think MS paid to have that Trilogy on their console..

Foliage3244d ago

Gears 1 was pretty good. Nothing original, but it was a solidly built game. Gears 2 on the other hand was a pile of crap. I'm still playing Gears 1, I refuse to touch Gears 2 ever again.

I'm an old school Unreal Tournament player. I migrated to Half Life for awhile, but Gears brings back some memories of UT... again, Gears 2 on the other hand highlights every problem wrong with Gears 1 and exaggerates them to a level that made the game a huge mess.

I don't think the PS3 needs Gears, Killzone 2 is 3x the game Gears ever was... in every category. Anyone who has played both will tell you that.

vhero3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

unreal tournament 2011 is my guess since they working on a new Unreal engine. As for gears MS paid for 2 games not a trilogy as far as we know epic has never said differnt.

Rockox3244d ago

Damn, I thought it said "Megatron" news. Oh well...

Ghostsmoker3244d ago

it would be awesome ... haven't played a better action game since part 2. I need Marcus back ...

ShadowCK3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )


Anyone who wants Gears 3 gets bombarded by disagrees!

Gears 3 will come to PS3 when Uncharted 3 comes to Xbox 360.

That means no.

Red Panda3244d ago

They almost need to put out gears 3 to wash the taste of gears 2 out. Now you can say it sold millions but it still was a huge dissapointment to many people. Gamestops were flooded with trade ins. By the way who the hell says "megaton face melting news"? I dislike that arrogant douche guy so much. That includes his teeth.

execution173244d ago

of an announcement of a announcement, just spill the beans already

CWMR3244d ago

-I hope it is a Gears of War 3 announcement. Gears is still one of my favorite new IPs this generation.

As to the guy that said Killzone 3 is "three times the game" Gears of War is, take that comment and stuff it. I own Killzone 2 and I still think Gears and Gears 2 are better games. Not to mention Gears 1 has a 94 on metacritic and Gears 2 has a 93, while Killzone 2 has a 91, so I guess most reviewers agree that Gears of War is the better franchise.

(more PS3 fanboys than 360 fanboys in a 360 article, why does that not surprise me?)-

Ilikegames763244d ago

talks like that? He sounds like a teenager who is starting puberty.

KiRBY30003244d ago

"I have so little bubbles because I'm always right."

or maybe that's because you're a hardcore 360 fanboy spreading a lot of BS. i wonder which one it is... -.-

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Alcon Caper3244d ago

i'd personally be excited about another shadow complex.

Redlogic3244d ago

plain and simple. They tried way to hard to take the action and dialogue in a serious direction and it ended up being corny. Also, the Gears 2 online stunk. When Gears 1 first dropped, I had no problems having a private room 4vs4 for at least 6-9 months after release. When Gears 2 dropped, me and my friends played it for a week then never got back into it. Stick to what you know Cliffy, kicking ass with chainsaws and over hyping your products with lame announcements such as this.

Karooo3245d ago

360 needs some games for 2011 as well

pansenbaer3245d ago

Cameo of the Lancer in the next Super Smash Brothers...?