Five Games You absolutely Must Play With Your Wife – You'll Be Glad You Did

So you're a hardcore gamer and nothing will change that; not even your wife. You've been married for sometime now and it seems because of your gaming habits things are about to go south. What should a gamer do? You love the lady but she wants you to give up on your games. It's a tough call, one with no easy way out – that is except you can find a solution to get her into it.

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WildArmed3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

lol @ resistance 2 part.
I was like.. Good call on that buddy xD

movements3244d ago

Resistance is the worst choice any man could make if he really wants his lady to play...

Those Chimera are ugly as hell...

movements3244d ago

There should be a list of five games to keep your wife away from gaming..

movements3244d ago

Mario Galaxy. Great game

respawnaction3244d ago

These can all work for me...although I have a girlfriend. Good job GT

mjolliffe3244d ago

Sackboy does it for the ladiess