MaximumPC: How to Properly Benchmark Your PC

To casual observers, PC builders who fixate on benchmarks are geeks unable to see the forest from the trees. "Why," they ask, "can't you just enjoy your new computer and let it be?" Our answer: the difference between a person who cares about benchmarking and one who doesn't is how much that person values their free time.

Case in point, MAximum PC recently did something as simple as download two large zip files at the end of the work day. Instead of strolling out at 6 p.m., they ended up waiting 15 minutes for the files to be decompressed on our work-issued PC. To care about benchmark is to care about performance. And to care about performance is to care about having more free time on your hand.

But you shouldn't just download any benchmarking tool to run--there's a right and wrong way to benchmark your machine if you want to get meaningful results. Maximum PC will teach you proper benchmarking techniques and how to interpret your results. Read on to learn how to benchmark the Maximum PC way.

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