PS3 Hack Means Nothing, Backups Are Years Away

The great "Geo Hotz" who initially hacked the very first iPhone to work on all service carriers, is now making front page news once again. This time Mr. Geo makes news, by exploding the PS3's hardware and software, in which he described as a "very secure system". Today he has released the PS3's exploit to the world. The exploit would give full memory access and therefore ring 0 access from OtherOS. What exactly does that mean? Who the heck knows, but how can you not have faith in the guy.

But, seriously how many people have the knowledge, money and team to pull this off right now? Geo has set the ground work, so all that's left to do, is the baking, and of course the icing on the cake. But that is easier said than done. Let's go back sometime when the PS2 initially got hacked.

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tatotiburon3242d ago

lame article, newegg have cheaper blurays disc for just us$2.5 each.

The Pandora Box is open and before this year ends, we will see the firsts PS3 backups

Chupa-Chupa3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Buy a $2.50 Blu-Ray, I'm sure it will work to back up a game. Please, even if it happens this year, you and I wont be able to enjoy it. Give it, 1 full year or two, then we can talk about how the $2.50 blu-ray you bought was not the way to go for your PS3 backups.

kaveti66163242d ago

There are various people downplaying the idea that PS3 hacks are even viable.

One excuse is this: "It's so expensive to hack the PS3 and burn games on it. Do you know how much a Blu-Ray burner costs? 200 dollars."

That excuse seems to be prevailing despite the fact that a 200 dollar Blu-Ray burner ends up paying for itself after 4 games. That's right. 4 times 65 bucks = >200 bucks.

So, the price is not the issue.

Security is also not an issue. Whatever security devices are employed on the PS3 to secure it can be exploited by clever people on the internet.

Godmars2903242d ago

Its the difference between DVD burners being in every off the self PC sold today, and going to the trouble of buying and installing a BR burner. People just aren't going to go to the trouble.

Blaze9293242d ago

Well it depends what kind of 'people' you are referencing. If pirates then they actually probably will go to all the trouble to pirate ps3 games. They are pirates - that is what they do - pirate games and invest in the tools needed for them to do so. Just check out the PSP/Wii/Xbox 360 (especially the X360) modding scene - this is what they do and it's nothing to them.

But if you mean people as in the average Joe who pays/gets someone else to mod their console for them and probably doesnt know the basics of even pirating a game or getting it to run etc etc, then yeah, doubt they'd go to the trouble for all that and will just stick to buying games as usual.

TengkuAmir103242d ago

65 X 4 = 200?

Congrats, you just made yourself sound like a 2 year old child!

Immortal Kaim3242d ago

I have to admit, it's pretty damn impressive that Sony have been able to keep the pirates at bay for so long. Hopefully by the time they do fully hack the system (to where the average joe can pirate games easily), we will be into the next generation and there will be no point to proceed with it.

Immortal Kaim3242d ago

Notice the >? It means greater than... So he is right. 65 x 4 = > (greater than) $200...

RememberThe3573242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

"4 times 65 bucks = >200 bucks" vs. "65 X 4 = 200?"

Notice the ">"?

Congratulations you just made your self look like you can't read (or know math).

lol it happens to the best of us.

TheIneffableBob3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Proper syntax would have been " >= " :P
Though the equal sign was unnecessary since 260 is not equal to 200.

Anyway, back on topic...

VINNIEPAZ3242d ago

LOL TengkuAmir10 got self owned

TOSgamer3242d ago

Aren't blu-ray burners like $150 now? I bought the LG 6x one back in 2k8 for $225 -35% bing cashback on ebay for about $150. I'm actually surprised how well the burner prices have held up. It's only dropped about 33% in around 15 months. Blu-ray media on the other hand has dropped like crazy. They were $8-$10 minimum back then now you can get them on sale for $2 or less sometimes.

Foxgod3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Article writer is ignorant, i remember paying 500 guilders for a CD burner, (about 240 euro's), when there was a heck less of inflation.

It wasnt a problem back then, why would it be now.

BLu rays are backed up on blu rays.
Your comment about why needing backups because blu ray is indestructible makes no sense at all.

Microsoft Xbox 3603242d ago

Who cares about backups. Bluray discs are almost indestructible. Had my discs lying around on a really rough counter-top and the disc still looks flawless after a simple wipe.

What I really want to see from this exploit is the ability to run homebrew code on the GameOS and not on the OtherOS part of the PS3. I really could care less about linux running at its full potential.

vhero3242d ago

bluray backups will not be out before the year ends at all. It also seems this exploit won't get you much more than extra linux access.

rockleex3242d ago

Even Geo Hotz himself said that this will likely not lead anywhere in his blog post that came before the release of the hack.

hakis863242d ago

I hear a lot of people talking about piracy. Well think about this: Who on earth would download a game 20-30 GB, then BURN it to a Blu-ray (requires a blu-ray drive burner) and then play the pirated game on a dated firmware?
Remember, the PS3 only supports FAT32 - filesize limit 4GB.
(or, can FAT32 get hacked as well?)

D4RkNIKON3241d ago

Homebrew can bring us in game music and possibly even cross game chat. The homebrew scene on the PS3 will be huge. Imagine what can be done with this powerhouse console.

kaveti66163241d ago

Oh wow. The stupid douchebag is saying I edited my comment. I did no such thing. I am surprised I put an equal sign there. If I had edited my comment, I would have gotten rid of the equal sign, you dumbass.

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ClownBelt3242d ago

" The exploit would give full memory access and therefore ring 0 access from OtherOS. What exactly does that mean? Who the heck knows"

Lol. I was actually expecting some sort of explanation. That made me laugh hard.

Chupa-Chupa3242d ago

But just like we stated who the heck knows, you have no idea, the next guy has no idea, the general population doesn't even care for the hack now. That's what the article is saying, most of us wont see this for years because we don't have the knowledge or money. So sit back and let the Geo's take care of business.

ClownBelt3242d ago

You made some great points on the article such as the price and applications needed to get all the pirating done. Right now, it's a big hassle to pirate on the PS3.

TheIneffableBob3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

It basically means full access to the Other OS part of the system. Ring 0 is the highest privileged level (where the kernel resides), with each consequent ring having a lower level of privilege.

sashimi3242d ago

So basically there is progress but it means nothing for the immediate future and the Ps3 will remain secure for majority of it's lifetime unlike every other console out.

TheDudeAbides3242d ago

No there is progress, this article means nothing, it's pathetic, PS3 wil be hacked to play pirated copies , whether you Chupe Chup Chupa like or not.
Who knows, maybe even discs and burners won't necessary.

PirateThom3242d ago

"The PS3 will be hacked to play backups" has been said for years and, still, nothing and this is no different... this hack doesn't even relate to the Game OS, it's entirely OtherOS and, so far, there's 0 proof of viability to replication on other models.

PS3, still unhacked.

sashimi3242d ago

I know there progress and i know it will happen, i did not deny anything so your response if moot, learn to read please

badz1493242d ago

"Who knows, maybe even discs and burners won't necessary."

I'm no expert in hacking but you may be right that no burners needed because if the PS3 can play pirated games, there'll be more people buying the already made copies from pirates for cheap rather than doing it themselves but BD are still required nonetheless! PS3 can only detect FAT32 HDD and the hard truth about this partition is no single file over 4GB in size is allowed! that's too small a size for current gen games. that's why the PS3 remains piracy-free at the moment. the amount of security and things they thought for the system is kinda crazy. that's Crazy Ken for ya!

yes, nothing stays unhackable forever! as long as there's a slight interest in it, that thing will be cracked someday! but Sony is doing damn impressive with the PS3 with more than 3 years on the market and not a single successful hack exist and by this I mean playing bootlegs! although this Geo kid claims that he succeeded, it's still on the surface and nothing too extreme is possible yet!

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Polluted3242d ago

Who cares about pirating? It won't be long before we can install custom firmware sporting XMB replacements, emulator support, far better media center capabilities and a whole slew of other cool applications Sony doesn't provide.

The PS3 getting hacked can still be great news, even if you're not interested in pirating games.

Godmars2903242d ago

The thing no one's talking about is weather this works on a slim, or only the older models. Did this guy go to all the trouble just so fat PS3 could become popular again?

pixelsword3242d ago

From what I'm hearing, you'll need the older PS3.

Who is this for?

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