Intel Celeron D Overclocked to 8.20 GHz

Yes, a Celeron. Why? For the glory, of course. A devoted overclocker by the name of "TiN" at Xtremelabs claims to have pushed the Intel Celeron-D 347 to an unthinkable 8.20 GHz. This beats the previous record by just 16.8 MHz. Preliminary reports indicate that the CPU did not melt into a pile of slag.

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Chupa-Chupa3157d ago

LOL, that is crazy! Very cool, but crazy ese!

toaster3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

When I first read it I was like, 'That is unbefuuckinglievable'
We definitely need to see some benchmarks with that beast.

CptBach3156d ago

what?!?! lol I have this CPU on my 6 year old PC

Gamer7l3156d ago

...into a '93 Hyundai. o_o

Bodster3156d ago

That is amazing! just yesterday I was reading a story talking about how we could only just get to 6GHz with processors. Well ^^^ :P

chak_3156d ago

Now if I could just obveclock my 4890 in those proportions that would be cool :D

jivah3156d ago

uhhh were talkin cpus here

Projekt7tuning3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

Ironically he's never been laid. lol.
How many possessors do you think he has been through to get to this level? It would be interesting to know the death count of all the chips he has killed.

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