No political influence over Manhunt ban, states BBFC

The original Manhunt caused a media frenzy following release when it was unfairly linked by the press to the murder of teenager Stefan Pakeerah.

However, the BBFC have stated that "Previous controversy had nothing to do with decision" The BBFC has stated that there was no political influence in the decision to ban Rockstar's Manhunt 2 from sale in the UK.

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tonsoffun4198d ago

Very good article bud - I was planning to post, but I was at work when I heard.

I wonder actually which version was reviewed too, as the Wii version supposedly has a lot of mimic actions in it actual killing sections.

unicronic4198d ago

"Recent research by the BBFC showed that negative press surrounding controversial games actually encourages sales. A UK ban of Manhunt 2 would not be able to stop dedicated consumers importing copies on release."

Then why ban it then numbnuts?

After all their research they make the wrong decision. Doh!!