Rumor: LA Noire's Development More Of A Mess Than We'd Imagined

Kotaku: We were this morning pointed towards the Twitter account of a certain "veracious_shit", who says they are a source close to Team Bondi's long-in-development LA Noire. And veracious has some interesting things to say.

Cataloguing the long, drawn-out history of one of the most mysterious games of this hardware generation, veracious claims to reveal a number of issues affecting the game, from developer strife to typos to a 2006 trailer that wasn't really a trailer at all.

You can catch up on the full litany of claims at the Twitter account in question, but here are the highlights (I've grouped them together in places to tell a more coherent tale) to wet your gossipy little whistle.

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-Alpha3243d ago

But I still question the reality considering the evidence is based off a random twitter account.

WildArmed3243d ago

Aye, there have been already 2-5 articles declaring something about LA Noire based on this guy's twitter account alone

StanLee3243d ago

This game must have been going no where if Sony dropped it after sinking 20 million into the project. I hope Rockstar put more effort into Agent rather than looking at it as they repaying a debt.

showtimefolks3243d ago

Rs is gonna make sure LA:N is upto its standards sony wasted over 20 million before dropping this IP

and sony and RS have one of the best relationship in gaming so don't we think RS might have asked sony what happend and made changes according to that....

i expect LA:N to come out in 2010 for ps3 exclusive....

3 game exclusive deal RS and sony for letting GTA4 go muti console on launch,,,,

and there were rumors flying around that sony could have had anything other than GTA V(red dead,,max payne,,mafia 2 or even bully 2)

why did they go with new IP is over me but also AGENT was one of the titles that RS tried to make last-gen there was some info on gamespot so now on ps3 maybe they can see the their ideas being made to better use....

RS:N is working on agent the same team that worjks on GTA series so i expect big things and RS president already said he expect agent to have GTA kind of impact 2011

showtimefolks3243d ago

bioshock 2
max payne 3
mafia 2
bully 2
red dead redemption

4 games i expect to see in 2010

also gearbox has already said borderlands 2 is coming hopefully they make the right changes like,,,,

creat your own weapons
a much much much much and one more much better story
more different kind of enemies
better world it kind of felt like big desert morethings to do
planes lol think about it

borderlands 2 equals to GTA with awsome graphics just kidding or should i say just wondering how awsome that would be

Corrwin3243d ago

Thanks Kotaku, for making news out of olds.

Foxgod3243d ago

This news also belongs in the 360 section, it has been confirmed multiple time that this game is not exclusive.

RumbleFish3243d ago

Sad but true. Anybody who followed news about L.A. Noire could have read it on Team Bondy's website over one year ago.

Disccordia3243d ago

I fully expect this to go multiplatform but so far, this game has only ever been confirmed for PS3. The devs website never mentioned 360, just "next-generation consoles". Of course, the implication is there but to say it's been confirmed multiple times is inaccurate ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.