Mass Effect 2 Now 2nd Highest Rated Xbox 360 Game Ever

Electronic Arts is in the process of shipping BioWare's Mass Effect 2 to stores nationwide right now, and based on the 30+ reviews that have already been filed by critics, the epic RPG is now the second highest rated Xbox 360 title ever, according to Metacritic. Technically, Rockstar's GTA IV is #1 with a score of 98, while Mass Effect 2 is tied for second with 2K's BioShock and Valve's The Orange Box compilation.

Of course, as extra reviews come in over the next few days, it's possible that Mass Effect 2's final rating could change, but either way it's clear that BioWare really outdid themselves this time

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WildArmed3241d ago

actualy 4th highest (if you consider the decimal)..
but I expect that to change as all the review come kicking in!
For better or for worse

-Alpha3241d ago

ME2 is one hell of a game though. God I hope the rumors are true, I'm dying to play it on the PS3.

YourCall3241d ago

It'll never hold up, too many fanboy websites out there.

firelogic3241d ago

Is all the evidence you need that game reviews are meaningless and fueled by the almighty dollar.

Rhythmattic3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Actually this game is one of the Reasons I bought a 360.

And before any condescending PC experts jump in and point out I could build a System Cheaper to run it, Please dont bother. I bought it for GeoW2 as well.

BTW, I actually could run it on my Mac , But I dedicate that to Music Production... I just personally dont want to deal with windows anymore.

moneybuyseverything3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

What the heck is *Alpha-Male22* talking about? there are no rumors just the usual speculation. I hope you're not talking about what Kheighly was speculating about. It's going to be a bumpy year I can already see it. Theres more PS3 fans in 360 articles than there are in PS3 articles now, sniffing around for left overs, while 360 fans play all these AAAs.

feelintheflow3241d ago

I hope not, this game sounds awesome. The first one was great, and I can't wait to get this one as well.

WildArmed3241d ago

yes coz money grows on trees. =p
It's not like us <insert console> fans need money to buy those AAAs.
oh wait.. maybe thats why we havn't got <inset game here> atm.

GreenRingOfLife3241d ago

Simply amazing.. microsoft does it again.....

presto7173241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Dude if you're gonna praise anyone, then I think it should be Bioware. They are the one's who have delivered.

Think of Bioware as the race car and Microsoft as the tires.

And it would be nice to see this on the ps3 even though I'm not interested in the genre as a whole. But more is better. More is better.

fear883241d ago

You mean like how last year the 360 had the most AAA exclusives besides MW2?

TheDeadMetalhead3241d ago

That's because Bioware is awesome.

baum3241d ago

lol this game can't be more overrated. At least it's better than Halo and gears though.

Dutch Boogie3241d ago

lol i'm so tired of these id1ots trying to hype all 360 games in order to fill the void from 2009. ME2 is good as it is has only 44 reviews on meta and currently ranks in at 96. Sorry to break it to you but Uncharted 2 has "104" reviews on meta and currently sits at 96.

That is more than double the amount of critical reviews for Uncharted 2. I'd say ME2 meta score will eventually go down as the reviews come in. 44 reviews are not enough to warrant it the highest rated 360 exclusive. When it reaches 104+ and still maintains a 96 score, then people can talk all they want.

moneybuyseverything3241d ago

Still at 9.6 with 44 reviews in.

baum3241d ago

That 7 out of 10 from gamekult hasn't been included (yet ;) )

green3241d ago

And it never will be added because metacritic does not include scores from gamekult. Sorry to disappoint you.

Budg3tG4m3r3241d ago

feelintheflow it's just jealousy, gamers tend to do that with games they can't play and want. Thats why you work hard so you can play all the great games. Expect to see alot of downlay, excuses, and blaim on this site. It's sad because there are so many great games to play on all the platforms.

Guido3241d ago

Counting their chickens before they hatch. Let's give it some time before we go getting giddy and making high claims.

Smokzdaizm3240d ago

Shouldn't you guys be playing MAG or UC2 again or something... Geeze this article has nothing to do with the PS3 and yet it's full of PS3 fanboys hating on the game or the 360. You guys have been talking about MAG since last year, guess what it's here so why don't you go play that and stop trolling it just feeds the sterotype of the geeky gamer with no social interaction outside of game forums.

ME2 rocks and deserves the accolades

bacon133240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Lots of cry babies and whiners in the forums as of late. Who cares about review scores, actually pick it up yourself and play it. Also, I said it before, both the PS3 and 360 are cheap so I don't see a reason not to own both. True gamers appreciate games on all platforms, they don't bicker and argue like school girls as to which is better.

darthv723240d ago

More like Bioware as the car, EA as the owner of the team and MS as a sponsor and 360 is a track.

Good job bioware but you arent at the winners circle just yet. A few more laps (reviews) to go could change your position.

vhero3240d ago

Nice work for them though technically they got perfect reviews from the same sites twice in some cases like Eurogamer Spain and Italy both game 100? Am I the only one who thinks its wrong it shouldn't be allowed as they are basically the same site but in different languages to BOTH give scores? Nothing against the score its a great game but only 1 Eurogamer site should be counted not 2.

Marquis_de_Sade3240d ago

vHero, Eurogamer always submit reviews for big games from all it's European publications, just like Uncharted 2 which got 4 10's from Eurogamer, Italy, Spain, Portugal and standard.

mint royale3240d ago


I bet Vhero didn't complain when Uncharted 2 benefited from multi Eurogamer reviews ;)

ReservoirDog3163240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

You know, if I were reviewing GTA IV when it first came out, I would've easily gave it a 10. That isn't hype or being paid off. I'm the type of guy who likes a good story and good dialogue and GTA IV delivers on both, especially the dialogue. Easily the best dialogue in any game ever made.

But we always say reviews are subjective and based on all the reviews and me, it deserves the high scores it got. I mean, I still play it and I'm playing the episodes on the disk for the 360. I'm not making this up.

edit: Oh and good job bioware. Loved you guys since I first played KOTOR. I'm sure ME2 deserves it. I don't know about "best rpg ever" (that hurts the kingdom hearts fan inside me) but it looks great.


I got 9 bubbles now! Cool.

Sub4Dis3240d ago

sorta like how all those sub par games on ps3 were praised as great. you know, last year (2009) i only purchased 4 console games, ALL on ps3. and none of them were better than average. 2009 just plain sucked for gaming as a whole. stop being a fanboy and acting like your system of choice won out the year. the best games were 3rd party titles for both systems like assassin's creed 2 and borderlands. and L4D2 is loads of fun for pc (though i agree with most ppl that it could have just as easily been an expansion).

as for this's starting off pretty...pretty...pretty...pre tty good. bayonetta was awesome, and i'm about 12 hours into mass effect 2 and having a blast. up next, bioshock, god 'o' war, and conviction.

(not heavy rain though -- game looks lame as hell)

CWMR3240d ago

-I had a very strong feeling that Mass Effect 2 would end up with scores like this. The first one was amazing and it soon became obvious that Bioware was improving the sequel in significant ways.

Anyway, I'm only a little way into the game but I so far it has exceeded expectations and definitely deserves all the praise it has been getting.-

pixelsword3240d ago

Mass Effect 2 and MAG day!

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agent0273241d ago

Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
Little Big Planet

Think Sony has this covered. :-)

Still getting Mass Effect 2 though.

Trebius3241d ago

That was years ago lol...

ME2 is definitely a game that was needed on the console that's void of any exclusive games.

-MD-3241d ago

Forza 3 has a 92 meta and it came out 3 months ago, nice try.

3240d ago
taylork373240d ago

You are a fool if you think it was meant to be played on the PC. Go troll somewhere else.

agent0273240d ago

Hey taylor, you little muppet. Nice going blocking me you coward.

CWMR3240d ago

-Gears of War 2 came out only a little over a year ago and it is AAA. Then there is also Forza 3 that came out a couple months ago that is also AAA.

The only PS3 games last year that were AAA are Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2.

Not much difference.

But all of this talk is just a distraction. PS3 fanboys ignore the 800lb gorilla in the room which is the fact that the 360 has 808 games compared to only 476 on the PS3. Not to mention that the 360 has 27 games rated higher than 90 on metacritic and the PS3 only has 19.-

ATi_Elite3240d ago

WOW 808 games, and out of those 808 games only about 15 are worth buying

Actually name 15 Xbox360 ONLY titles that are AAA. I'll give you five

Halo 3
Gears of war 2
Forza 3
Forza 2
Fable 2

So you only have to name 10 XBOX360 AAA titles (ME2 is on the PC so it doesn't count)

Good luck your gonna need it

starchild3240d ago

You can claim the same thing about the PS3's games. Out of the PS3's 475 games only 3 are worth playing.

The 360 has more games at all of the various quality levels. There is no way to spin it.

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spunnups3241d ago

Good, now port it to the PS3!

Cueil3241d ago

porting a game that is running on a engine that runs like crap on the PS3 already and it's optimized highly for the Xbox 360... I think that after the trilogy you'll see Mass Effect's universe go multiplatform

baum3241d ago

This is the same dev that made Dragon Age superior on the PS3, so there's a chance that Mass Effect 2 could be a good port. Furthermore, Batman was also unreal engine (like ME2) and it ran better on PS3.

TheDeadMetalhead3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

lol @ baum's disagrees. Looks like some people don't like the truth.

I would love to have Mass Effect 2 (or 1, for that matter) on PS3. :D

vhero3240d ago

@Cueil that just shows how much of an idiot you really are. The unreal engine works just as good if not better on the PS3 thanks to the PS3 having support for extra features such as custom maps (obviously not for this game).

CWMR3240d ago

-Dragon Age is not better on the PS3. You PS3 fanboys need to stop spreading that BS.

The truth is, the PS3 version had better texture filtering and the 360 version had a better frame rate and anti-aliasing. At best, you could call it a wash.

Not to mention that Dragon Age is a technically inferior game. Its graphics are far below the graphics in Mass Effect 2.-

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