Nintendo Working on iPhone Games

An eyebrow-raising rumor has it that Nintendo and Apple have teamed up to bring games to the iPhone.

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MK_Red4198d ago

It seems rather unlikely since aside from price, iPhone would go against DS with touchscreen.

Ru4198d ago

Target the same demographic so i dont see it as a conflict of intrest

PS360WII4198d ago

That's quite the rumor. If I get my hands on an iPhone I would really hope this would turn out to be true

ITR4198d ago

If this venture goes well. We might see a Wii and AppleTV combo in the future.

JUSTaGAME4198d ago

Where I can see Nintendo giving its software license for use on someone else's hardware, I DO NOT see Apple ever giving its hardware over for infiltration from another software company unless it was a necessary business move (ie- allowing for a MS Office suite for the MAC)

ITR4198d ago

Not too much of a stretch since there are rumors going around now that Apple TV will be coming to the Wii at E3 in a form of a new Wii Channel.

Nintendo admits it thought about Apple products when it designed the Wii.
Apple says it wants more games to for the Mac...

Apple said it themselves Apple TV is a hobby for them. I could see them experimenting with it.
By using the Wii Channels Apple would gain about 8 million users almost over night.

Ru4198d ago

Why does this not suprise me?
Two hardcore loners teamin up!

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