PS3 Bayonetta Online Update brings HDD Installs

Sega January 27, 2010 (Wed), PlayStation 3 software for Bayonetta. On January 28 (Thursday) decided to conduct an online update.

The online update of this PlayStation 3 version of BAYONETTA will add the HDD install feature, which will reduce load times and load faster. Updates to the main menu after the "INSTALL" item has been added, and select the item to the HDD installation is started.

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mikeslemonade3183d ago

Just when I was about to beat the game. I guess it's better than never.

WildArmed3183d ago

I heard alot of complains of long loading times on ps3. It's good to see they are supporting the game post-launch
I just didn't get into the game enough to find out.

deadreckoning6663183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

YES WOOOOO!!! U guys think they can fix the washed out textures as well?

WildArmed3183d ago

The install might do some magic.. but we'll find out soon enough eh?

presto7173183d ago

p*ss poor story, crappy characters and outdated visuals?

Yeah, I thought so....

SilentNegotiator3183d ago

"Too Little, Too Late"

Oh stop stealth trolling, we all know you didn't buy the PS3 version.

FamilyGuy3183d ago

All I'm wondering is if this makes the PS3 loose its load-with-every-weapon-I-picku p draw back, compared to the "seamless" 360 version.

I doubt an install option could fix ANYTHING else but that and maybe texture pop-ins (if that IS an existing a problem).

A patch like this won't fix any AA, screen-tearing or visual problems.

The game launched already, "too little, too late" is the perfect saying for this situation.

gaffyh3183d ago

@1.6 - Yeah Sega are incredibly dumb. What they've basically done is, given reviewers a version of the game which takes a long time to load. Reviewers have given it a low score on PS3, and now they have released a patch. If they had just included this option from the get go, no one would have complained about loading, and most people wouldn't have complained about an install (you know, apart from people who don't actually have PS3s).

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happy_gilmore3183d ago

kratos is cuming

bayonetta is a flop. i doubt it reached 150K

N4BmpS3183d ago

Actually it sold 135k in a week on PS3 and 63k on 360 not great but still

CernaML3183d ago

Sales on the PS3 were double the amount sold on the 360? Talk about irony.

seifer0853183d ago

I already rented it and beat it! I have no idea why the reviews were so high granted I played the ps3 version but still..

Ravage273183d ago

personally, i found Darksiders to be a more enjoyable experience...maybe it's because i have low tolerance for bad music,character designs,story,graphics and voice acting. Or maybe because i find the combat to be overrated, it certainly didn't 'revolutionize' the action genre like what many are saying, and it certainly didn't require any tactical thinking or creativity to beat the game :/

N4BmpS3183d ago

People were saying it revolutionized the action genre? Interesting, I haven't played it yet but I can already tell it didn't revolutionize anything, expanded maybe, oh well that's people for you, still wanna play it; though its like DMC 1 on combo steroids.

Godmars2903183d ago

At the very least they said it was better than DMC. Would be a good direction for that franchise to take, if it didn't take over itself.

Sarcasm3183d ago

People should not spend their money on Mayonetta and instead buy a superior game called Mass Effect 2 that's worth every dollar.

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jalen2473183d ago

Haven't played it yet. At least they took care of the load time issue. They should have done that to begin with.

Koromaro3183d ago

Well At Least they aren't ignoring the PS3 Version

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