Killzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2 – Which Is The Best First Person Shooter Of 2009?

Gary A Swaby writes: Killzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are by far the top First Person Shooters (FPS's) of 2009, but which one truly takes the cake? Both games have their pro's and con's, however Modern Warfare 2 is of course the top selling game of the two. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is the better game, but then again that doesn't mean that Killzone 2 is either. The purpose of this article is to provoke the question upon us, which game really defined first person shooters on consoles last year?

Let me compare a few the aspects from each game, so it will be easier to come to a conclusion.

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deadreckoning6663246d ago

It's all opinion really. Depends on what type of FPS you like.

goflyakite3246d ago

Coming from a HUGE fan of COD4, KZ2 is WAY better, in every aspect (except maybe the "looking" feel). MW2 online is a mess no matter how you look at it. KZ2 was and is a very polished product.

AliTheBrit193246d ago

Modern Warfare 2

A million times over, I enjoyed Killzone 2 but the Multiplayer wasnt so great.

LordMarius3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )


presto7173246d ago

Nothing else even comes close.


None the winner is MAG!



rroded3246d ago

still nothing that looks as good or plays better imo

bobdog6263246d ago

FEAR 2 FTW.Just Joking.I Think Fear is on Heck of a Shooter though.

Darkstorn3246d ago

I personally prefer Killzone 2, but I know a lot of gamers who aren't patient enough to settle for a slower-moving shooter. Killzone's gameplay has a tangibly heavy feel to it, and that's why it's so polarizing.

RadientFlux3246d ago

My favorite FPS last year was neither it was "Call of Juarez 2".

Orange3246d ago

I really liked repairing gun mounts and hopping on them in KZ2. Rolling objectives are fun, too. But it seems like a distant memory. Everyone is playing MW2 now, so there isn't really much of a choice.

Chubear3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Is Modern Warfare II a more popular game than Killzone2? YES

Is Killzone II a more quality FPS experience than Modern Warfare2? YES

If you like popularity then MW2 is a better game and if you prefer quality then KZ2 is a better game. Me? I prefer quality.

kneon3245d ago

I got bored with MW2 after the first week or so, but I'm still playing KZ2 online, it's just so much more intense, it makes MW2 look like cooking mama by comparison :) But now that MAG is out I guess I'll just have to split my time between the two, with the odd day of COD:WAW.

bruddahmanmatt3245d ago

Is this article supposed to be some sort of joke? KZ2 is by far the best FPS of '09. Everyone talked about the visuals but for me, it was the slower paced and more tactical multiplayer that I simply could and still can't get enough of. The single player story may be forgettable but it's no more cliched than MW2's SP campaign which was nothing more than bits and pieces of Hollywood war and action films slapped together. KZ2 was a fresh change of pace in the FPS multiplayer department last year.

RememberThe3573245d ago

Then moved back to Killzone 2. Now I think I'll either pick up MAG or wait for Bad Company 2.

mal_tez923245d ago

Real feeling guns, real feeling movement, great immersion, awesome graphics, sound and animation and a great cover system.

MW2's shooting feels so arcadey. The way you move aim and shoot the guns feels so simplistic. It's as if the gun weighs like 20 grams and the player weighs even less.

Kappa Mikey3245d ago

For me, I enjoyed Killzone 2 more. People actually played as a team on that game.

That is all.

BattleAxe3245d ago

Killzone 2 is better by a long shot.

thewhoopimen3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

For a person at my age... running around in 30-50lb gear at a full sprint of 30-40mph lugging a ruby red or neon blue camo fatigue recoiless SAW you can aim and shoot through a reticle in less than 0.1 sec is nothing short of ridiculous. Oh and we haven't even begun to discuss the Halo-esque reticle javelin/melee bullcrap Hope that answers my opinion.

elpresador3245d ago

All KZ2 has going for it is visuals and THAT IS IT. MW2, at least, though shorter, had a better campaign that is for certain. KZ2 to me, was nothing special, but neither was MW2.

And for mag in 2010, Ive been playing the release and am disappointed, I think there is a reason why on metacritic so far the average is 78 with the highest score on the site at an 80. Granted it will change after reviews come in but, MAG is a let down, and $60 just for the multi player? No SIngle Player? Yea, wasnt Socom and Warhawk CHEAPER due to this? Oh well, as always though sony did it so it is ok but if MS does it (ODST anyone) they are a greedy company that does not care about its customers at all.

Still, both FPS games didnt do anything for me. I guess I am getting tired of the FPS genre since, in the end, all you do is run and shoot and that is it. Thank god Mass Effect 2 came out today, now THAT is an awesom game that, though no multi, it blows MW2 and KZ2 out of the water and so far I am digging it better than UC2. I know some will say that an RPG and a TPS/Action game are too different to comaper but, if you PLAY ME2, you will see it controls and plays more like a TPS like UC2 then ANY rpg.

SoX FireBlade3245d ago

to me MW2 but still killzone 2 is a good game

what I didn't like in Killzone 2 is the controls and it's not because of call of duty controls

I play alot of shooter games including Halo 3, Gears of War 2, MW2 and battlefield : 1943 and honestly they ruined the controls. If they wanted to make the game harder then making the controls like this isn't the solution. just make the killing harder like Halo 3. It has good aiming but hard to kill

MW2 is very easy to kill thats what I didn't like about but the controls were alot better than Killzone 2's controls

duplissi3245d ago

thats easy.

on one hand you have a game with tried and true gameplay mechanics, but a runaway story that looses all of the series spirit of realism and makes little sense, a multiplayer that is seriously flawed- glitch glitch and its unbalanced and only good for camping.

on the other hand you have a game that takes tried and true gameplay but mixes it up a little, phenomenal graphics, sh*t story but at least it makes sense and isnt out there all the damn time, fun addictive yet somewhat simpe mulitiplayer, and bots!

bacon133245d ago

Where's all the love for Call of Doody: Modern Poopfare 2? I didn't really appreciate KZ2 until I finally played the crap out of MW2. KZ2 is a much less arcady, tactical and better looking FPS than MW2 so it wins in my book.

The Happy Baby3245d ago

I dont see how this matters, but seeing how MW2 actually won awards, and KZ2 didnt really get any....hmmm....common sense would say MW2.

bnaked3245d ago

Yes Killzone 2 by far.

MW2 is dumb and unchallenging.

FACTUAL evidence3245d ago

Helloooooo, we're in 2010 now! *couchkillzone2cough* XD

FACTUAL evidence3245d ago

Lemme guess, you're one of those cod fans that b!tched about not turning around, or sprinting to the other side of the map in 0.9 sec. Killzone 2>MW2.

otherZinc3245d ago

There is further evidence of this as no one is playing it online & the sales were terrible for such an over-hyped game since E3 05.

duplissi3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

and here is the opinion of a couple people

# Killzone 2 (82%, 1,263 Votes)
# Modern Warfare 2 (18%, 268 Votes)
(as of 14:11 1/27 us eastern time)

zeeshan3245d ago

Killzone 2 all the way!

SignOfZodiac3245d ago

Killzone 2 is better, And BFBC2 will be way better then COD games period when it comes to today style Army games.

lve2playbball3245d ago


KZ2 is the king of GRAPHICS for fps is not the best shooter this year.

thesummerofgeorge3245d ago

Is honestly so many miles ahead of MW2. I enjoy both games thoroughly; but KZ2 blows MW2 out of the water if you ask me.

mega BIG time3245d ago

MW2 SinglePlayer > KILLZONE SP

KILLZONE Multiplayer > MW2 MP

Daishi3245d ago

Fear 2, both MW2 and KZ2 were really flashy which works some of the time but if I have to choose a game with 2 in it I'm going with Fear 2!

tommygecko3244d ago

killzone 2 is cow dung compared to modern warfare 2

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LordMarius3246d ago

Killzone 2, because even though it wasn't perfect it improved a lot from its predecessor, cant say the same thing about MW2,

Here is hoping KZ3 does the same

Raf1k13246d ago

I agree but it also took FPS into a slightly different direction with it's bulky and more realistice control system which unfortunately many people didn't take to.

Dutch Boogie3246d ago

Yeah KZ2 for me. It was a great improvement from its predecessor. The game was very gritty and i loved the war torn environments. KZ3 will be incredible guys, i can feel it.

pimpmaster3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

keep saying that to yourself in the end we have MW2 10 mil sold vs KZ2 1 mil sold. hell, on ps3 alone MW2 outsold kz2 by 3 times as much. i have kz2 but it just doesnt hold a candle to mw2. yes theres glitches but thatll be fixed in a week

DW3246d ago

... and that's a great point ... when you compare the first kz to the second one you see some serious progression, not just across gaming systems but in the actual game and it's game play.

Modern Warfare is a tried and true formulae that has not changed but that is "not" a bad thing either. If it's not broken, don't break it.

Bazookajoe_833246d ago

KZ2 2.2m
MW2 6.3m

But if you are going to go by salenumbers wii sports is the best game ever made.

KiRBY30003246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

popularity =/= quality

MW2 is like... the 7th entry in the Call of Duty franchise? do you think it's fair to compare sales? do you think it proves anything at all? if KZ2 had sold 10 millions copies and MW2 sold zero, would you say that KZ2 is now the best out of the 2? even if the content on the disc and the experience it provides is strictly the same?

think again. and try to have an opinion next time instead of justifying yourself with sale numbers. geez.

HDgamer3245d ago

Fixed in a week my ass. These glitches have been there since launch and that was in November 2009. Do I have to wait until New Years eve 2010 for a patch that fixes the broken multiplayer?

kneon3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Didn't you know that games for the casual crowd almost always sell better? Of course MW2 will sell better, anyone can play it. Most people don't like overly challenging games and MW2 was really dumbed down for the masses. I still haven't finished COD:WAW on veteran or KZ2 on elite but MW2 was a walk in the park. It barely took any longer than finishing it on normal difficulty.

pimpmaster3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

my you guys are hating on mw2 just case its popular, cod wasnt popular till cod4. just look at cod3 that was the biggest turd ever. nobody would buy cod 4 after playing 3. the controls in kz2 are really slow and inacurate, mw2 has sold 10 mil for a reason. and YES it has sold 10 mil. look at NPD for nov it sold 4 mil 360 2 mil ps3. and in dec it sold 2 mil on each. im going by NPD #s which are the real deal and not made up bs VG chart numbers which im assuming is what u went by

DUH kz2 is better than kz1 because KZ1 SUCKED!!! thats the dumbest thing ever to even bring that out.

kneon3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

MW2 popularity has nothing to do with it, there is just so much to complain about with the game. From the really short, really easy single player with the completely stupid story to the bug infested glitch-a-day multiplayer with insanely overpowered perk combos that can make the game no fun at all to play.

wicko3245d ago

Those are PS3 sales he posted for MW2, its more than 10 million on 360 and PS3 combined. And if you really think numbers mean anything with regards to quality you are only fooling yourself.

People dislike MW2 because its NOT a good game. They screwedover a lot of people and are basically going for a huge cash grab here. Same engine with minor features added, most of which are old features most engines already have. It has and extremely short single player campaign. MP is basically a huge campfest, with retarded killstreaks that basically take any fun out of the game. They took away dedicated servers and mods from the PC version and with iwnet they'll try to shove DLC down PC owner's throats. Face it, the game is designed to make money, and to appeal to the casual audience. That is why it has such an arcade feeling to it, so anyone can pick it up and play.

Accessible is the term publishers and developers like to throw around, but all it really means is make it as simple as possible so all sorts of people will buy it. And when you sacrifice things that make it fun for the more hardcore audience, you're just making it more "accessible".

So, I'll stick with the less "accessible" killzone 2 thank you.

pixelsword3245d ago

ZOMG! McDonald's burgers are sooooo much better than fillet Mignon 'cause McDonald's sold a Billjillion-Zillion!

Tru_Blu3245d ago

So you'd rather have a Honda then a Porsche. Honda's outsold Porsche's by a way bigger margin. Honda's are teh shetz!

elpresador3245d ago

...and leave it to someone, in this case trublue, to bring up the honda/porsche thing.

Let me as you this...the Neatles are considered the best pop band (or bad rather) of all time and they have sold over 100 mil albums and even if you are not a fan you cant find ANYONE who says that their stuff is no good.

Look at the mvie TDK, over $1 bil WW and over $500 mil in US, it was a popular film and was a WUALITY film as well.

Basically, sales CAN and DO equal quality with some things and honestly, I hate Porsche cars so I WOULD take a Honda over a Porsche.

reaferfore203245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

WTF is TDK.... and you'd really take a Honda over a Porsche?? GTFO!

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OGharryjoysticks3246d ago

It's a next level experience.

hakis863245d ago

I'm so disappointed over MW2, I'm thinking about trading it in.
Getting back to playing KZ2.

Can't wait for KZ3! (And AVP :) )

WildArmed3246d ago

I hated all the FPS in 09 =/ well not hated, but none of them excelled in my mind.

K2 was fun... MW2 was fun.. heck, ODST was fun.
But none of them were what I wanted in a FPS.
I still play CoD4 for my FPS cravings.
While K2 did improve alot over K1, I think Mw2 just became more unbalanced.
Ofcourse, now K2 is full of spawn camping, but Mw2 is too, and much more.

Story.. I loved the cover mechanic in K2.. dats the only + point i can think of between both the FPSs.
I liked the Co-op in Mw2 alot, but it lacked match making.. fail -.-

If I would vote, I'd vote for K2.. just bcoz it was a TAD better den Mw2 imo. Mw2 = 8.5, K2 = 8.7

spunnups3246d ago

Atleast in KZ2 the spawns are defended by bots. Plus, you can choose 2 additional respawn locations anywhere on the map and defend those as a team. MW2 can't say that. MW2 spawns are so random it will make you scratch your head.

pixelsword3245d ago

I hate those spawn campers; GG needed to give a .5 to 1 second invulnerability time to spawners so they at least stand half a chance.

Godmars2903246d ago

Well, KZ2 is certainly more problem free...