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IGN: Best Videogames of the decade: Year 2001

IGN's 10 best videogames of 2001 (Culture, GameCube, PC, PS2, Xbox)

LtSkittles  +   2016d ago
I think HaloCE out of Halo 1, and 2 is still the best Halo game. I have two copies of Halo, and Halo 2, and still play Halo from time to time. I love the custom maps on the pc version espicially the Zelda map. I do love Halo 3, but not the story, since I haven't beaten it, but the multiplayer is still awesome for a lan party, and CTF is my favorite mode. I can give props to Bungie, but sadly can't afford a 360 right now, and Halo:Reach looks, and sounds amazing.
Blaze929  +   2016d ago
Halo 1 is hands down still the best in the series. If they remade that or if Xbox LIVE was out back then then it would definitely without a doubt be the best Halo ever made. The story was just too amazing out of the three and the multiplayer was a blast. Loved all the maps too.
callahan09  +   2016d ago
I agree with the top 5 (not sure I agree with the order, but I agree with all 5 of them being in the top 5)... but I'm surprised that Final Fantasy X wasn't somewhere in the top 10. I sure as hell hope they put Jet Set Radio Future in the 2002 top 10!
blitz0623  +   2016d ago
I think they might consider FFX for 2002. It was released December 2001 in NA and 2002 in all other regions except Japan obviously, and Japan got FFX International 2002 too. The game is too good not to make a top 10 list for that year, though I do agree the list has good games
LtSkittles  +   2016d ago
@Blaze if MS does that it will be without a doubt awesome, and they could add achievements too, I mean if they really wanted to.
deadreckoning666  +   2016d ago
Agreed. Halo 1 is THE BEST FPS campaign I've ever played on a console. I loved the different variety of environments. The Snow level was AWESOME and the Silent Cartographer level was EPIC.
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Darkstorn  +   2016d ago
Ah, someone who remembers JSRF. Man I loved that game...must have sunk 50 hours into it over the years.

On topic, this is a pretty good list.
mikeslemonade  +   2016d ago
Gran Turismo 3 should be #2 or #3.
Cajun Chicken  +   2016d ago
The original Jet Set Radio was far superior. You actually painted the graffiti instead of painting a button.
xabmol  +   2016d ago
To me it's like, the first halo had the best SP and its been going down hill with every new game, while the MP has been getting better and better.

IMHO If Bungie can't bring back the Halo 1 SP feel with Reach, they should just make Halo MP only.

I still have Halo 1 & 2 on my pc and I have gone back and played 1 waaaay more than 2.
Guido  +   2015d ago
"The original Jet Set Radio was far superior."
Agreed. This makes me wonder how many kids here got into the gaming in 2001 and forget about the original JSR. As for the list, d*mn! Sony owned 2001. It was years like these that made the PS2 what it is today.
callahan09  +   2015d ago
I played the original, but I didn't enjoy it as much. It was so much smaller, the level designs weren't as ridiculously cool (the roller coaster level in JSRF is incredible), and the soundtrack wasn't as good. Plus, I found the graffiti in the original to be kind of a pain to get accurate, whereas it was simple in JSRF. The two games had different focuses. JSRF is more of a skating game than a graffiti game, but I liked that about it.
Cajun Chicken  +   2016d ago
No Jak and Daxter?!?
xabmol  +   2016d ago
Still my favorite 3D platformer.
There are a lot of great games on that list and most do belong there without a doubt, but so does J&D.

To be honest, I have never liked SSB. EVER. Just too simple a game and a cash in of all the Nintendo franchises. It's like that DBZ Budokai game but Nintendo'ed and with even less moves. Terrible fighting game, ok party game.

So replace SSBM with J&D:TPL and that would be a hell of a list.

Oh, and ICO should be #2. xP
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LordMarius  +   2016d ago
God GTA III was awesome
xabmol  +   2016d ago
Didn't leave my room for a month.
Except to use the bathroom and grab somthin to eat real quick. People were worried about me.

Great game! lol
LEGENDARY PELON  +   2016d ago
The all mighty Halo is a legend!

and after 9+ years of release it still shows of its greatness!
Heartbroken-Menace  +   2016d ago
First Halo was amazing
no doubt, hopefully Halo: Reach will bring the franchise back to the quality of the first installment.
Close_Second  +   2016d ago
I enjoyed Halo...
...from the second level onward however, I hated the very last level where they imposed a time limit for you to drive the warthog to safety. The warthog itself was probably the worst thing about the game. It looked good but the physics and controls were rubbish.

Oh yes, Halo's first level (aboard the ship) was dull and repetitive.
Cajun Chicken  +   2016d ago
You gotta be kidding. The finale was awesome. As is Halo 3's homage.
xabmol  +   2016d ago
I liked the way the warthog handled.

And saying that the first level was dull is like complaning about the intro song on a great CD. Sheesh...
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RamiHixxy  +   2016d ago
Crash team racing? Crash bash? they were the most funniest games alive to me.
Aclay  +   2016d ago
Great list of Software... I still own GT3, GTA3, ICO, Max Payne, and MGS2, all of them being favorites of mine.

The only thing I just HATED in Max Payne was walking along those thin blood trails in Max Payne's dreams... just glad it wasn't in Max Payne 2.

And even though it wasn't listed, I would include Jak and Daxter in my personal list for 2001 games... it was one of the first couple of PS2 games I bought and I really loved that franchise.
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Mac is OK  +   2016d ago
Good choice for 1, gta3 deserves it. I wonder if they'll stick to their most recent GOTYs.
Scotracer  +   2016d ago
2001 was an awesome year for gaming.
Dutch Boogie  +   2016d ago
Meh Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the best game of the past decade FACT!
GameOn  +   2016d ago
Not Fact!
Darkstorn  +   2016d ago
It's ONE of the best. Personally I think MGS4 is just as good as MGS3, but that's probably due to it being the end of Snake's story.
gunnerforlife  +   2016d ago
i jst bought DMC1 last month haha been looking for it round north london for time but culdnt find it:/ then i found it in wood green lool
still love it and ive spent 20 hours on it already dis time looool :)
Drakes_Fortune  +   2016d ago
What the hell?
Where is FFX, the best game of all time?
Ravenor  +   2016d ago
You're a funny guy.
spektical  +   2016d ago
CONKERS BAD FUR DAY WAS EPIC !!! LOL.. man that game was hilarious, i still remember the part were you had to go get bees to make the flower open its leaves so you can bounce on its boobs to jump on the top ledge XD. funny stuff, oo and multiplayer was amazing :D
mrdxpr2  +   2016d ago
wow nobody likes advance wars i loved that game i used to play that in school in lunch time all the time with my friends good times good times heheh.. i agree with the whole list sinces its supose to be 2001... oh and in the best movies i would have put atleast black hawk down 2nd good movie
Yamato  +   2016d ago
well done
Nice list DMC is one of my best favorite games ever and MGS too!!!
HOSe  +   2016d ago
madden 02 was good stuff :P
jalen247  +   2016d ago
I agree with the top three choices but I don't know about the rest. For instance, GT 3 should have been higher up.
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