Technology is Moving Too Fast

Consumer electronic companies forget people are in a recession. If this past CES shows anything, these companies are coming out with new and "improved" technologies; the most publicized of these being 3D. With everyone getting wrapped up in this futuristic, people seem to be missing the fundamental question: is this technology coming out to soon?

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movements3246d ago

Know why? Cause the world's about to come to an end that's why...

Blasphemy3246d ago

That doesn't make any sense. I know all about the illuminati but why come out with all this new tech if they know the world is about to end?

kaveti66163246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Yeah, cuz every ten years the world decides to end and then it changes its mind at the last moment and reschedules for the following decade. :p

On to more pressing matters,

I think the rate of technology is actually slowing down. Engineers are reaching a point where they can no longer keep up with Moore's Law.

In case you don't know, Moore's Law states that the number of transistors you can fit on a particular circuit board will double about every 18 months (I think that rate has changed to two years now).

The Gigahertz barrier has also been reached, where overlocking the hardware will now rarely surpass the 6.0 (a littler higher) Ghz mark.

However, the upside is that engineers are starting to develop applications and engines that can use every last bit of the hardware resources in the most efficient way.

This means that once hardware advancement ceases, a new age of software optimization will take its place.

Think of it this way. Right now, developers like Crytek, who work on PC, don't try enough to optimize their game engines because high-end PCs are really powerful and some can handle the memory leaks caused by choppy engine coding. This was why Crysis needed a beast of a PC to run at optimal settings.

The goal for Crytek now is to take much weaker hardware like the 360 and PS3, and see just how much they can optimize their engines, to see just what kind of performance benchmarks they can set with older hardware.

For all we know, if Naughty Dog or Guerrilla Games worked with the PS3 hardware for another 10 years, they would be able to create games that surpassed Crysis in terms of physics and visuals.

It sounds unbelievable now, but with enough engine optimization, who knows what is possible? Older hardware is often quickly replaced with newer models due to the demand of the capitalist system, always striving to get people to buy new stuff and chuck old products.

El_Colombiano3246d ago


I love the way this guy thinks.

STK0263246d ago

I wouldn't say for sure that optimization has its limits, although it is something I truly believe. When you look at the PSOne, which in my opinion is a great example of how the visuals can improve on one single console (they went from SNES 2D to FF9 3D), it was pretty much maxed in the 5-6 years it spent on the market (I know it lived longer than that, but once the PS2 was announced, PSOne development was slowed then halted). 512mb of memory (in the 360/ps3 case) can only do so much, textures can only be compressed to a certain extent, lack of memory makes streaming harder, etc. Let's not forget that Crysis can be played at resolutions higher than 1080p, while most console games are native 720p, some being even lower. My point is, optimization is great, but at some point, the hardware will be maxed.

baum3246d ago

"With everyone getting wrapped up in this futuristic, people seem to be missing the fundamental question: is this technology coming out to soon?"

What? Did you guys check this fine piece of literature? /s

Is this guy seriously getting paid to pose as a journalist? I could do a better job than this moron.

Crimsonite3246d ago

Very nice post. It's true to the extent that we can squeeze more power out a system by optimizing the code to make it more efficient. But we still have a long way to go. there are t.v.'s being showed with amazing resolutions and if those coincide with the next generation of gaming consoles than by next gen the things game developers can accomplish in terms of scope would be simply amazing.

Now while the article may be right in the sense that in a recession we would be less willing/able to invest money into these new technologies, you must keep in mind that recessions do end. If they start mass producing these items now, when we do bounce back from the recession these new technologies will be cheaper and the public will understand them better.

Xi3246d ago

what about the doubling of processors? Increases in bandwidth and memory, or memory speed? What about hardware optimization for specific functions (hardware tessellators, physics cards, raytracing cards etc). Just because moores law is slowing down doesn't mean that hardware is slowing down at all, transitors aren't everything anymore.

menoyou3246d ago

You have to be crazy to say technology is advancing too fast. It's never a bad thing. And if we stopped wasting our money trying to feed and save every worthless country like the ones in Africa, we could probably be traveling across the galaxy by now.

badz1493246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

now we knew that there's a lot of things waiting for us in the future! but the main problem lies in the people, not the technology. people need time to adapt and that's always taking a lot of time! so is 3D. it's not even 'new' but the world is just now trying to make it mainstream!

kaveti66163246d ago

@ Xi

Size has a large bearing on this. Transistors are not everything, but when engineers are trying to figure out how to make the product smaller, quieter, faster, and make it run cooler, they usually look at the transistors.

The future of transistors is the Fin-Fet design being pioneered at Purdue University by a group of engineers who have managed to reduce the size of transistors to about 11 nanometers, and can make each transistor accept electrons up to FIVE times faster than current MOS-FET transistors.

After that, most engineers agree that reducing the size any further than 11 nanometers will render them too volatile. They won't work the way we want them to. The laws of quantum physics are a b*tch.

Anyway, in direct response to your question, "what about the doubling of processors? Increases in bandwidth and memory, or memory speed? What about hardware optimization for specific functions (hardware tessellators, physics cards, raytracing cards etc)." My answer to that is, it all STILL comes down to transistors. I am positive that every point you made, except memory bandwidth, is still reliant on transistors.

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cmrbe3246d ago

development/innovation weather good or bad.

Foxgod3246d ago

Technology is going too slow.
Why are we still stucked with optical media?
And i want Holodecks damnit :)

baum3246d ago

Stucked? :/ Now I understand all about your taste :(

cmrbe3246d ago

support the x360 lol?.

Foxgod3246d ago

Optical media is old, its been around since then sixties.
Even Tapes didnt last that long.
Lets move on.

madjedi3246d ago

@3 It extremely simple, optical media is cheap as hell to manufacture, its proven, and capacity is not an issue. Now the flash media replacement your going on about doesn't exist as a viable replacement for optical media.

You might see its beginning of it 5-10 yrs from now, but even then give it 4-5+ yrs to get accepted by the mainstream as a replacement for optical media.

Technology can only be pushed as fast on society as long as it doesn't break/interfere with all the old technology that the modern world relys on to function.

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TABSF3246d ago

Going fast hahaha

Moition sensetive remotes have been around for years on PC and we can use a camera to track are movements just like natal or PS eye plus with OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator you can play games with the power of your mind. only true inovation comes from PC Games/Hardware developers, the console compaies just clone what PC has and call it inovation

PC had 3D gaming in 2008 in Nvidia GeForce cards and has over 300 Games that fully working with 3D vision

Oh and digital disribution Steam been at it before the gamecube was relase 2002

Welcome to the 21st centuary Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft

madjedi3246d ago

First spell check really helps, 2nd considering that consoles are little more than a non-upgradeable(usually) pc, with scaled back operating systems the consoles are cloning themselves since they are also pc's.

Considering the tech in consoles is a couple of generations behind top pc gear, is it really that hard to guess that it would be done first on pc, then tried out on consoles later.

Lol so why is it your probably posting from your pc, while being too lazy to use spell check to correct your multiple spelling errors? I also recommend a program for puncuation errors, and i guess maybe sentence structure, i am not an english teacher so i don't know for certain.

True innovation, the true is redundant, because it wouldn't be called innovation if it actually wasn't.

TABSF3245d ago

"the true is redundant"

Did you mean truth hahahahaha, feeling so high and mighty I think not

Jeebus3245d ago

That calling the innovation "true innovation" is redundant, because if something is innovative it either is or isn't.

frankymv3246d ago

Yet Apple, the hottest tech company on the planet (which sells ultra high end computers) continues to make record profits. If you can't afford to keep up with the technology, get a job.

kaveti66163246d ago

You think Apple sells ultra high-end computers?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahaha - ad infinitum.

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