TGR: Mass Effect 2 Review

The true beauty of the original Mass Effect can't be seen during one play through. The game throws an incredible amount of information at you, making it difficult to understand just how much is actually there until you take a step back and look at it as a whole. It's like playing an epic symphony in a way, one that even the deafening silence of space can't squelch. One specific area that the original game excelled at was in character interaction, which offered the player a level of free will not seen before in gaming. The astounding depth of the dialogue made the cutscenes feel more like they were a real time conversation than the predestined imaginings of a Hollywood bard, allowing those who were able to look past Mass Effect's many shortcomings to soak in the majesty of an extravagant sci-fi universe.

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SlamVanderhuge3244d ago

Cant wait to pick this one up.

shoinan3244d ago

Mass Effect 1. Dammit.

NeverforgetNES3244d ago

Good good. Not that I didn't expect a good score out of this one, but glad that it will be successful.

BetaChris3244d ago

Mass Effect 2 is nothing short of a sci-fi (yes, that's sci-fi and NOT SyFy) masterpiece.

mr durand pierre3244d ago

Even with a 9, this is probably the most negative review of the game I've read insofar as it's the only one to say anything bad about the game at all. And even with its blemishes, it still sounds aces. Can't wait to play it. Now why did it have to come out the same week as No More Heroes 2?

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