Zipper Producer: "MAG Is The Greatest Multiplayer Shooter I Know"

Recently, Zipper Interactive held a Massive Action Game event in London, pitting Americans and European players against each other.

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Sevir043248d ago

Butin my personal opinion, I'd say Warhawk Is The greatest multiplayer shooter

and look, We have a troll. LOL!!! :)

deadreckoning6663248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Warhawk is the 3rd best under Killzone 2 and Halo 3. I'm glad you like M.A.G cause it seems no one else does :)

abc12333248d ago

including killzone 2 in your top 3 doesnt wipe the putrid stench of xbox fanboyism from you.

WildArmed3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I guess I'm the only one that thinks Uncharted 2 MP is the best (shooters)
It's ok.. i understand

But for me, bar none, Demons Souls had the best MP.. ( in everything-goes kinda deal)

DMason3248d ago

What, because he likes Halo and didnt choose a PS3 game as his top game? Im sorry dude, but there is not one PS3 game that I would pick as my top multiplayer game ever. But then again, its debatable and depends on opinion. If we were going by hours played, longevity, and sales, then yes Halo would be the king of multiplayer shooters. Call of Duty would be next.

Oh, and you reek of wretched fanboyism way worse than he does. Just your comment makes me cringe.

young juice3248d ago

wtf, how is dead a fanboy. because he tells his honest opinion. i was just playin killzone 2 with him last night.

Rainstorm813248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Because in N4G (fanboy) Land you cant play both consoles.

and yes MAG is terrible, i'll be shocked if it gets any review above an 8.0 (mark my words)

Currently playing - Uncharted 2 & Mass Effect 2 (oh no!)

STK0263248d ago

hmmm, considering this is N4G, I'll assume you're playing Mass Effect 2 on your PC, there's no other way.

mastiffchild3248d ago

MAG, as a game, has gotten terribly misunderstood and I can understand why Zipper have come out fighting but I cannot condone thier behaviour and despite almost agreeing with them about it's quality(when you get the right players in your squad who listen to a good leader it's absolutely magical, imo, and as a TF2 fan you'll understand that I know what it's like to have people misunderstand the game they're playing!)the fact ios the beta experience was AWFULLY patchy because loads of gamers just didn't get it. Seriously, the difference between MAG with a game full og good squads and a game full of people trying to play COD is MASSIVE.That's what made the beta split opinion and with SO many COD fans around(and remember how some of them cried because KZ2 merely had a different feel to it's controls? Well just think hos puzzled and disappointed they'll have been with a game that positively discourages the very things that make you successful at COD!)it looked like the game was below par-but that probably won't be the case when those who loved Zipper's SOCOM games and other proper squad based shooters are playing something they actually paid for without those who want to lone wolf it or camp -give the game a few weeks for server issues to die down and the community to find it's feet and THEN judge the game. I think people are getting away from the point of MAG and the fact it was NEVER going to appeal to pick up and play COD only gamers. It isn't a blockbuster by any means and was always niche in my mind as team shooters always have been and this is the biggest team shooter ever made. It's not going to appeal to many but it's beemn marked on the evidence of gamers not playing it correctly right now and that can't be fair when a lot will do it right and absolutely LOVE it.

Sadly, if Zipper continue with the Billy Big Balls self aggrandisement I won't, as I haven't F3 from T10, be playing it which will really upset me but I cannot abide the industry when it beats it's chest in a silly fashion. Had he said the things he should have "mnoone has tried this before and I feel it will end up being one of the best shooters around and possibly the best squad/platoon shooter ever made" it would have been OK but I( just don't like the attitude even if I think MAG could end up being a special game for people looking for something more cerebral from their shooty, shooty gaming.

I fully get why Zipper might have a seige mentality over this as people have stupidly hammered them in review before anyone can have a clue how the game's going to finally turn out but, still, there are right and wrong things to say no matter how wronged you feel your game has been and in that respect they haven't been nearly as bad(YET) as T10 were-T10 resorted in fixing polss FFS and using the word definitive! However, any more and I'll be losing another game I was looking forward to as I don't reward crappy behaviour from people in my daily life and certainly won't pay devs to hear it.

Honestly, though, the (admittedly rare) times the blcks fell into place for me in the betas I enjoyed myself just as much as I ever have on a multiplayer shooter. Currently the shooters I still play online are Warhawk, TF2 and KZ2(had enough of COD4 to bother wth MW2 or WaW because, to me, it's practcally the same game reskinned. HAD they allowed every platform dedicated servers I would hav prolly gone for MW2 sans politics as, to me, it's the easiest and best way to improve it as an online game)while I've recently stopped my Live sub til Reach launches as there wasn't a lot left for me to do in Halo3 MP as I'd got as good as I was going to after a few months and was only ever playing it now and again and practically nothing else on Live as I buy my multis for my PS3(simple controller preference).It's not as if I'm averse to the more trad Halo and COD games but lately I've preferred things whioch have given me more of the feel SOCOM used to have and, obviously, Zipper shoukld know about all that and when it works well MAG does, for me, work as well as anything I've played just in a slightly different way.

Blitzed3248d ago

"I'm glad you like M.A.G cause it seems no one else does :)"

Funny, because my local EB just sold out if the game. Maybe there are actually people outside of the members of N4G.

ThanatosDMC3248d ago

I agree. Warhawk in terms of multiplayer awesomeness is the best. AVP2 for best FPS multiplayer.

shadow27973248d ago

“With 256 players gathered on the same card, MAG is the greatest multiplayer shooter I know.”

1. Unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions.
2. Large in number; numerous.
Synonyms: 1. immense, enormous, gigantic, huge, vast, grand.


You all are idiots. Look at the context for Pete's sake.

vhero3247d ago

Best offline is timesplitters 2 best online is counterstrike 1.6. Anything else is just trying too hard.

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movements3248d ago

MAG is a great game... Some folks judge it without even playing the thing...

Some have never even experienced the Beta...

40cal3248d ago

I played for 2 hours earlier and it just my turn out to be "The Greatest Multiplayer Shooter I Know"

I love the game already. All of the "MAG sucks people" in here should not be so quick to count this one out.

Dev8 ing3247d ago

Some judge it based on a couple hours on the beta. You cant even play the good parts of mag in that amount of time.

GR8 13248d ago

LOL this is a joke, OMG!!!! is he serious?

saint_john_paul_ii3248d ago

says the guy with the MW2 avatar, the most overrated, most glitchy, most camped game in the market.

mesh13248d ago

seems like a the ps3 disease does not only affect the droids but also sony developers !!! the ARRAGANCE IS TO MUCH burn the ps3 and its whole community down plz we have to do it they have to vanish so deluded!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3248d ago

"Zipper Producer: MAG Is The Greatest Flop I Know"

Fixed :D

c0nnnn3247d ago

MW2 is overrated. What happened to having a game with real strategy involved in it. When it comes out, its criticized.

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Blaster_Master3248d ago

Id say next to Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Bad Company 2, then MAG. But you have to admit. Its a great first attempt this gen. I cannot wait to see how good their next game is gonna be?

Butt Shingles3248d ago

Uncharted 2 isnt an FPS. If we're going by 3rd person shooters, than Gears should be in there because the multiplayer (the first Gears) was like crack.