Mass Effect 2 Launch Soured by Activation Code Issues

Nationwide, late-night gamers who waited in the freezing cold for their copies of Mass Effect 2 are arriving home to find their experience soured by poor instructions given by EA. Packaged with first-issue copies of the game is a code to unlock the in-game Cerberus Network, which provides access to bonus downloadable content for the game. The instructions on the insert say to enter the code on the website. If the user has done this before launching the game, in order to gain access to Cerberus right away, they soon find out, upon launching the game, that there is a spot in game to insert the code, and the code is now invalid.

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bgrundman3159d ago

Isn't this a bit of old news at this point?

roblef3159d ago

First *I* had heard of it, you jaded nay-sayer!

DarkTower8053159d ago

How is this old news when the game just released today?

Sanzee3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

I got the Collector's Edition and activated my Cerberus Network card today. It worked just fine. How hard can it be?

dragunrising3159d ago

I'd like to know why I always get so lucky... I've never had DLC codes not work for any game or any system.

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wondroushippo3159d ago

Another reason to kick pre-release DLC to the curb.

roblef3159d ago

Why? I think pre-ordering anything is stupid, to be completely honest. It's gonna still be good next week, and the week after that. rank consumerism is what it is.

gamer01234563159d ago

its called directions.....people these days....why is this news.

ME 2 is a AAA game 10/10 5/5 goty/goty get over it.

Crimsonite3159d ago

This isn't about scores. It's about people who found themselves in a predicament because they simply wanted access to something that they got for pre-ordering.I usually download pre-order incentives first before starting off most games. Hopefully EA finds a solution to give access to those who got the code.

gamer01234563159d ago

no im not stupid i did everything right and it worked just find....unlike these stupid people

crck3159d ago

The problem was the lack of directions. Just because you lucked into doing it right makes you special huh? BTW calling something game of the year in January is just stupid. Kids these days...

SuperSaiyan43159d ago

According to the official forums this is also affecting the 360 users so should be under both 360 and PC.

Leafs1173159d ago

I fell to this problem. The instructions said to go to to register and then to redeem the code afterwards. I assumed it meant to redeem the code online, so when I did so, it gave me the "Normandy Crash Site" DLC. I put the game in and then entered the code for the Cerberus Network but it told me the code was already in use. The instructions were very unclear and were very vague. I am pissed off now.

DigitalHorror813159d ago

What a shoddy way of screwing your pre-ordering fans.

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