New Rock Band Controller is 10 buttons instead of five

Check out the first glimpse of the new guitar for Rock Band

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Darkaber3779d ago

Ah man i want this game soooo bad!

Norad63779d ago

And I thought the game was hard with just 5 buttons.

AdmiralX3778d ago

I agree this game was hard enough with 5 buttons. I guess this is how they get the reality of the game as close as possible. Lets just hope its wireless

Chexd3778d ago

is this the game with different instruments? If so maybe you turn the controller and play it like a keyboard?

If not then it is probably for co op or something or "super Expert" lol

original seed3778d ago

maybe you can uses it as a keyboard because it its going to be insane with 10 guitar keys

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The story is too old to be commented.