GamesAreEvil Early Impressions: Achron

Everyone has regrets. A bad haircut, a messy breakup, a sloppy unit deployment, or even a bad tattoo. Finally you can solve one of those problems with time travel….. no, not the breakup.

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wondroushippo3245d ago

Based just on graphics alone, this looks kind of fugly, but the time travel mechanic sounds interesting...

whatthegeek3245d ago

Just remember, it's an alpha build - many of the assets are likely just placeholders at this point.

bgrundman3245d ago

Is there even interest in this anymore?

roblef3245d ago

I'm not that interested in this one.

starven3245d ago

Didn't this one die some time ago?

whatthegeek3245d ago

nope, still alive and well.

nisim7773245d ago

I'm not a fan of RTS games. I usually find them boring, but that's because I'm a huge story guy. Nevertheless, the time travel mechanic does sound cool. My interest will be perked further if I hear that there is an in game reason for time travel, rather than a developer thinking it would be cool and just arbitrarily including it.