Microsoft Re-Charging For Game Room Arcade Games

Matthew Kato: "At this year's CES convention, Microsoft unveiled its plan to create an Xbox Live Game Room where you can go and play arcade classics. Through the years we've had ample opportunities to play cherished titles like Tempest – perhaps you've already bought some of those games via Xbox Live Arcade. Now, the 360's Game Room is going to make you pay for them again."

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Megaton3247d ago

Innovation, Microsoft style.

-Alpha3247d ago

They basically admitted that the GameRoom will feature the stripped down classic versions which they are charging for.

I could understand if the GameRoom games were BETTER or revamped from the XBLA titles, but no, they are WATERED down versions and you STILL have to pay for them.

Horrible move, and a really terrible way to launch GameRoom.

thorstein3247d ago

I hope you are joking. PSN Home already features teh ability to walk your avatar up to a stand up game and play it. Or walk up to a table and play chess.

What's next on their innovation?
"Owning" an apartment for your avatar? Motion control? Playing games like bowling with your avatar? Virtual spaces that allow for watching game trailers and other multimedia events?

Why don't they just hack into home and allow their users to use what Sony has been doing for years.

Megaton3247d ago

@1.2 - What's that off in the distance? Oh, it's my post, flying right over your head.

For the sarcastically challenged, I was referring to Microsoft's ability to charge you again for a game you already own as "innovation, Microsoft style".

thorstein3247d ago

Ummm... sarcasm doesn't go well in text. And, if you have been around N4G long enough, I am sure you have heard an Xbox fanboy utter such a thing in earnestness.

Saaking3247d ago

LMAO, MS as always trying to rip off the customers. Some people wonder why many of us despise MS as much as we do. This is one of the many reasons. They're a terrible company and it's sad to see there's people that follow them blindly.

Rush3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Lol That's Microsoft for ya there ass's but they never pretend to be anything else, I sorta admire them in that respect going around pissing so many people off but just not giving a flying toss to being with.

Hi, am Microsoft am going to sell you half an OS (vista) then sell you it again complete 1 year later. You don't like it? Buy a Mac.

HDgamer3247d ago

They aren't ripping anyone off, anyone who thinks so is nothing more than a fanboy who won't support them for doing this. I support this company for recharging for game room arcade games.

Chubear3247d ago

If you know your fanbase will pay for it, then it would be a stupid business decision not to charge for it. MS are in gaming to make money so why shouldn't they? They know there fanbase will support this feature with their cash so why not?

Chubear3247d ago

Sony came out and has given over 100 unique small games to play for FREE via HOME and they were ridiculed and naysayers clearly stated HOME was a waste

So, MS says great, they don't want new small games for FREE, they want games from 30years ago for a fee cause they know if they're paying for it then it's certainly quality worth their money.

So, Voila.

I can tell you this, if MS wasn't making a killing from charging for Live, Sony would never have implemented a pay feature option cause all those features would have been free but when they look at their competition and see that people are paying to game online then they had to see it was good business to charge for certain features too.

Isn't it great how we gamers are growing the gaming industry? Yayyyy for paying for features! :D

doG_beLIEfs3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

So many great comments from the 1st post. It really is quite sad really. MS KNOWS just like Fixed Views does that no matter what they do, they know that their loyal supporters will lap it up like a certain 4 legged creature. I apologize for the political reference but it was the best way I thought I could convey the utter stupidity of a blind follower of MS. Buy and RE-buy the same stuff over and over and lie down and defend the right to be bent over over and over.

I still want MS in the videogame business simply for no other reason than to keep Sony on their toes. But really this is just pathetic. Yet somehow the MS faithful will lap it up as the best thing ever.

I tried not to flame or ridicule in this post...I really did but unlike an MS supporter...I cannot sugarcoat this.

ClownBelt3247d ago

" Sony came out and has given over 100 unique small games to play for FREE via HOME and they were ridiculed and naysayers clearly stated HOME was a waste

So, MS says great, they don't want new small games for FREE, they want games from 30years ago for a fee cause they know if they're paying for it then it's certainly quality worth their money."

Oh just like Live Vs PSN. Lol

Godmars2903247d ago

Its "loyalty" like your's that turned me into a fanboy. Specifically some moron who was literally kissing MS's @$$ for how they were handling the RRoD while attacking a new 360 owner who was having that exact problem and looking for help. I literally went off on him in the forum.

It was just utter blind loyalty. To a purely disgusting level.

qface643247d ago

your joking right? if your serious then just WOW...

HDgamer3247d ago

Look if you're willing to bend over and take whatever thats coming with the loyalty agreement then it's your own fault for what happens and I was sarcastic.

Nevers3247d ago

needs a font... I vote we name this font "Moronika"


Anyway this is totally BS and I'm very glad I stopped buying any XBLA arcade games cuz I don't have the time and they've had nothing interesting for me. You can't be charged for the same crime twice and I woulda thought the same for DLC. That is just f'd up and you can bet I won't be buying any of the dumbed down versions so my friends can be charged (yes they are doing that too) every time they play on of the games I've apparently rented.

t(-.-t) Microsoft.

Rockox3246d ago

Ok, I'm confused...can I still play the Arcade games I've already bought and just play them from the dashboard for free? If that's the case, then I'm just going to do that.

Besides, having my Avatar walk around in a virtual game room is kinda lame.

Godmars2903246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Yes, of course. You just wont have the privilege of being in your own virtual arcade where your XBL friends will challenge you to games you haven't bought which, being cheap as they are, will likely make you buy them. Then once, possibly every-time, you finish playing the one game you'll get a friendly recommendation to try - buy - another.

You'll also have MS points to earn that will help you to play them more than the one or two times you're likely to play them in the first place.

You *seriously* need to work on your sarcasm.

Rockox3246d ago

Well, gee whiz, that sounds just fantastic. Uhm...sign me up?

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Tony P3247d ago

Oh, too bad. On to better things then.

ClownBelt3247d ago

Well if 360 fanboys are willing to defend paying live and some are even saying they don't mind if live is $100 dollars then I don't see any reason why MS won't charge them on EVERY SINGLE THING.

Troll_Police3247d ago

They also defend paying $150 for a simple 120gb HDD and $100 for a simple wi-fi adapter so I'm sure they will be more than happy to pay for this again. When you get ripped off so much it's possible to not even notice it anymore.

-Alpha3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Sony did the same thing last gen:

You had to pay for:

Network adapter (Fatties)
Memory Card

I don't understand the vendetta against MS. The 360 is just like the PS2 in the sense that it's being milked.


What's wrong with 360 fan(boy)s defending to pay for LIVE? It would be nice if it were free but gaming is a hobby. And as such, it's an expensive luxury and if people are willing to pay for an online service that is quite solid in terms of features, why should you bash them?

I don't mind that LIVE cost money, though I myself don't feel like paying for it when I have a free service that does online gaming just as good.

The thing with Game Room that makes it so ridiculous is that MS should have the courtesy and common sense to not charge for a title that people already own if it's the same exact thing stripped down to its classic properties.


I agree with that-- MS charging for LIVE does seem to reinforce nickeling and diming and there is only so much of that that one can take.

I think that MS as a company with the 360 is in the position to demand money from gamers because they know they have a fanbase willing to pay. Sony had no choice but to make PSN free if they wanted to compete and I do not question that if Sony was in the same position they would not hesitate to make billions off of online gaming.

I don't think the price is that bad for LIVE, but I do think that this is where the competition of Sony really gives the edge to PSN-- MS can easily make LIVE free and PSN would be vastly inferior but they don't because they are much to satisfied making the money.

However, my point of the PS2 and 360 was strictly in terms of the console accessories as I do not find it fair to criticize the 360 when the PS2 did the same.

@Troll Police

Did I say those prices were fair? No.

Somnipotent3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

the only thing i see about your example is the fact that aside from the memory card, you did not need a network adapter, or a hard drive, or much of anything else to play 99.9% of the games available on the ps2. that's a far cry from what microsoft is doing with the xbox 360. sure you *may not* need a HDD or wireless adapter to play the games, but when you technically have to pay $50 a year to experience half of the content in most games (multiplayer), when the other guy charges nil and includes everything else (HDD, wireless adapter) you charge for for free, it's kind of jacked up. granted microsoft did innovate and set the standard with xbox live, but man, this kind of nickel and diming needs to stop!

Troll_Police3247d ago


I didn't pay $150 for a PS2 accessory. If you think those M$ prices are fair then you were born yesterday.

GiantEnemyCrab3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Oh just STFU with your lame generalizations from the land of Playstation. I will defend the cost of Live all day long but I won't support this horse sh*t.

Speaking of land of Playstation.. Did Kaz drop his pants and bend over? It's like a PS3 circle jerk in here.. Never ones to miss an opportunity to be a bunch of FN douchebags..

@Clown: And you continue to fail in reading comprehension.

ClownBelt3247d ago

Defending on something that should have been free is a no no. MS can charge for other services such as chat, facebook and such, but at the very least let the people play online for free. People keep defending such practices that made MS head bigger and bigger, and the result is this. Charging for even the smallest thing on top of Xbox live.

I can already see next generation of gaming where every single function in the console will have you use your credit card.

@ GiantEnemyCrab

Yeah keep bending.

SilentNegotiator3247d ago

"You had to pay for:

Network adapter (Fatties)
Memory Card"

That's funny....did Xbox original even HAVE the option of a Network adapter? And didn't you have to buy a meanless plug-in/remote to play DVDs?

jib3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

"did Xbox original even HAVE the option of a Network adapter?"

was in every xbox.

SilentNegotiator3247d ago

I was thinking WIRELESS network adapter. Nevermind.

But still, there were several goofy add-ons like the DVD plug-in/remote.

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WildArmed3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I don't personally own any Xbox Live arcade games.. so it doesn't effect me. I found the feature of buying games that I own on my old console again pointless(I rather buy games like Braid etc etc)

But that sucks for the folks who did. I do hope MS rethinks it for them

-MD-3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Edit: Nevermind I read it and it doesn't sound that bad.

3247d ago
-MD-3247d ago

2 dollars for arcade games is cheaper than they are now, how exactly is that bending over?

Godmars2903247d ago

Think it depends on if you bought them already, and if you buy them now.

-MD-3247d ago

Yeah so if I didn't buy any arcade games how is this a bad deal? It's basically getting all the games half off.

Godmars2903247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Just keep away from the Koolaid or you'll wind up spending $600 for 30 year old games.

And they're talking about having *thousands* of them. Each of which is going to be recommending another game for you to buy. Drop 50 cents into.

The whole thing is nothing but an enormous money sink that MS has put next to no real effort into.

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