P.S.Blog: MAG is out

It's been a long time coming, but after years of hard work, everyone here at Zipper Interactive is happy to announce that MAG, our 256-player shooting juggernaut – and our first PlayStation 3 game – has officially made it to stores all over North America and parts of Asia – with releases due out in Europe, Japan, and Korea later this week.

If you haven't seen MAG in action for yourself, or you have seen it and you just like awesome trailers, then you owe it to yourself to watch our launch video below.

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younglj012972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Only reason I'm off is because I went to my local walmart to buy my cousin a copy of MAG.And to my surprise it was SOLD OUT no copy left.I was like wtf is going on here.

So that was a waste until something else caught my eye.They also sold out of PS3s so it look like MAG was a console seller in my area.

Raoh2972d ago

cant wait to go home and play it myself

Kurisu2972d ago

I don't really like FPS but this looks pretty epic! I may make this my first and only FPS, as I don't currently have any shooters for my PS3. I'll get owned though, as I haven't played many FPS games, only the odd few round some friends house.

kneon2972d ago

Just focus on a support role. You just need to make it through enough levels to start getting the medic upgrades. If you like you can also start on the repair tools after you get enough skill points. And when you're not busy saving you team mates you can get in some practice shooting the enemy.

Socomer 19792972d ago

Im loving it.
didnt think i would but ive should have known never to doubt a sony backed exclusive. Its designed for real gamers.

Shendow2972d ago

I don't play to many FPS games, but I think the PS3 is the only system I have played the most, I played Halo (Love) an Gears (Bored because of glitchs) and MW2 I got sick of camper and people using glitchs.

I found some glitch that are in the game right now and I don't use them, because it is just cheap.

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