Gamerstek: MAG Review

MAG (Massive Action Game)is a first-person shooter with a peculiar purpose: gather 256 players simultaneously on one map - something that has never been done on consoles. Read the review to find out Gamerstek's opinion on this PS3 exclusive.

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englandsbest3162978d ago

The first reviews for this game were poor.

Expect the downward spiral to continue.

Another floptacular FPS game on PS3 confirmed.

mickross1232978d ago

Someone let the children get into the medicine cabinet again,

Boob2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

This game could have been great, if they would have put some effort into it. But alas, its just a gimmick. They should have called it GAG (Generic Action Game).

The reason this game even got a couple decent reviews is because they were fly by night PS3 fanboy sites that no one has ever heard of. But the reputable sites have been giving it average reviews.

talltony2978d ago

You don't understand I have been playing this game all day with friends, it is just so freakin fun I am not even jokin. Just try it don't just listen to these reviewers who obviously didn't play the final version. I am a fps fanatic, I hate cod and mag def gets my seal of approval. Just try it people this game is so far from a flop and a gimmick. You guys don't know what your saying!

VeNoM272978d ago

It's a totally letdown. I guess it's because it's only meant to be played online, and let's face it, 256 players in the same game, if not played correctly, it's an enormous confusion!

englandsbest3162978d ago

I know mickross123.

Your folks really should keep an eye on you more.

Jeppe2978d ago

The average score has actually climbed since yesterday. Many 8.0 scores today. Looking good I think.

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The story is too old to be commented.