White Knight Chronicles offers a combat system that is layered nicely

GameZone's Michael Laffery writes,

"The only drawbacks are that the controls are a bit cumbersome to switch out characters or perform other actions (like drink a health potion) during a fight. The pacing in combat is fast and players will have to be on their toes, watching health and AC points to ensure getting the most effective combat play from the party. Fortunately, the AI of the other party members is pretty solid."

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lindybrett3244d ago

its simply WAY too hard to drink a health potion...

Myst3244d ago

Are you being serious or..? Not to bait at you, but simply trying to figure out if that's true since I didn't import the game and have been going on only videos and articles so far. If that is true though would you at least be able to change it to something else to make it easier or is it fixated?

Chris3993244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

And found yourself a troll! He created his account 12 days ago. I'm going to go with multi-account spammer. Linking each account to an IP would save the sanctity of N4G, if you ask me.

On topic, there's a video that you can download of the PSN that shows how skills/ battles work. It's a very clever mix of (self) programmed behavior and real-time actions. Think Qore has a big thing in December's issue (or January) about all aspects of the game. Worth checking out if you want some more info on the game.

Edit: As someone said below, the action doesn't pause. But healing spells are gonna save you more in big fights and you can always move out of the range of most enemies if you need a respite. I haven't heard any complaints about the NPC AI either, or the battle-systems themselves, which are good signs. Only criticism I've heard, is that the story leans towards cliche. But apparently it's just a setup for the other episodes in the series.

Kyrwolf3244d ago

Ya, the action doesn't pause and you have to open the menu, select the character, scroll down to the health potions, select it, then select use from the pop-up menu. By that time you've take a couple more rounds of damage. Easier to cast a heal if you have the AC. But that may be the point - cast heals for in-combat situations and drink health pots out of combat.

Caspel3244d ago

I am stuck between White Knight Chronicles and FF13. Which should I get for the PS3?

Kyrwolf3244d ago

Agree Chris, game is very cliche - both in story and narrative. But it does have a lot of imagination and the multiplayer elements should really drive it home.

Chris3993244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Have you seen the trailer for Shirokishi Next? It looks pretty good (for a CGI cinematic).

There was a translated interview where they were talking about the game a while back and how the narrative took a stronger, darker tone. The whole episode takes place in a land ravaged by whatever $hit hits the fan at the end of the first one. The princess is playable as an NPC too (and probably full of piss and vinegar as princess-cum-adventurers always are :P). The character designs have changed as well, they look less anime.

I just hope we don't have to wait as long for a localization this time. I've been anticipating WKC since 2005 or whenever the first images were revealed.

lindybrett3244d ago

actually, im not a "troll." i like video games... a LOT. im a huge anime and manga fan, and i thought the game would be better than it was.

Chris3993244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

and post nothing but comments about your love for Mass Effect 2 and Xbox 360 related stories. Then you show up here.

Hmm... what would Jessica Fletcher think?

From your insightful comment, I take it you played the Japanese version then? Mind linking/ whispering your PSN id so I can admire your trophies? If it turns out that I'm totally off in calling you a troll, I have no problem apologizing.

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