GOW III: Run along walls and set fire to entire armies


New unseen accessories that Kratos will use in his latest battle against the gods have been revealed. At least, some have. In the latest issue of Hobby Consolas, the PlayStation 3's God of War III features in all its glory with screenshots showing new enemies and unseen environments. You can check out these new images in our God of War III gallery. Hopefully Sony will send us direct feed images soon.

First up are the sandals of Hermes...

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sinncross3242d ago

Running along walls during combat could add a nice spin to the GOW combat dynamic. It could also be more fun to be able to run up a wall and do an angel drop, similar to that in POPWW and T2T.

I think this, along with the grapple and easier weapon switching will definitely add to the core game play of GOW. And I like the fire thing, even though it is not new information per se... an entire army of dudes running towards you that you set on fire much be quite a sight.. especially in dark cave scenarios.

too nice

swiftshot933242d ago

I feel that even though they're not completely changing the combat (and they souldnt), they're really making it much deeper than GOWII. I could make a list to prove my point, but Im too lazy...

Anyways, I love the running up the wall thing. More interaction with the environment is something I really wanted in a GOW game, and I got it. Cant wait for this epic game.

rroded3242d ago

im hoping they throw in somekinda online hard for me ta shell out 70 bones for a 20h< game no matter how good it looks.

still these new areas and items look Hawt damn

techie3242d ago

It'll be $60 or less like all other games. There will be NO online. Still HUGE value for money IMO.

techie3242d ago

I expect he'll have quite a few wall running moves with these boots...but not if he'll be able to run up vertically like the Prince (loved that though)

DavePSU3242d ago

Yeah -- It feels like they're evolving the combat while retaining the core mechanics allowing for a deeper experience for the player.

I'm very excited for this game.

A Cupcake for Gabe3242d ago

My favorite scene in GOW 2 was when you were running across the gorge as all the pillars were collapsing. Also riding the griffin into the Titans lair was friggin' awesome. Ever so epic. I hope they have mini game set pieces like these, but x100000% in GOW3.

sikbeta3242d ago

Online mode?

For what... this game is HUGE, doesn't need any form of co-op or online mode

bjornbear3242d ago

"meh no MP not buying =("

listen, in the "old days" games used to last 5-10 hours and IT WAS OVER. NO trophies, NO DLC, NO NOTHING.

so next time you want to consider value of a game, don't try to put MP above a solid Single Player and other content =) it depends on the game.

Look at MW2...the single player was tacked onto a MP game, fact =/

rroded3242d ago

not saying i wouldnt buy this if i had lots of money but if you can only afford a few games a year why pay 70 for something i can finish on a ten dollar rental? Unlike Uncharted2 that has online i can tap for almost unlimited hours of fun...

n ya tell me bout the ol days like when games cost 20 30 bucks tops (heck wasnt that long ago...) n ya they have gotten better but still we've had great games with big production value for years now remember wingcommander anyone? Used ta play lots of rpg's too wish they'd make some more of those first person ones like the ol might n magic...

ps ya 69.99 here for this like most other big ps3 exclusives still better off here in Canada than in Australia eh.

Hanif-8763242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I wonder where i can buy those sandals lol

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techie3242d ago

Quickly changing between the weapons is great - but it's not as refined as changing between weapons in Heavenly Sword IMO.

DavePSU3242d ago

Heavenly Sword was definitely one of my favorite games in terms of weapons. Utilizing Kai with motion controls on her arrows was awesome.

techie3242d ago

Not so sure about Kai...was a bit boring.

Blaster_Master3242d ago

This game is gonna be dope. Day 1 indeed.

Parapraxis3242d ago

A bit of a spoiler IMO.
I would have liked to have discovered this while playing.

lovestospoodge3242d ago

Yeah I'm gonna try hard to go the next 2 months avoiding information on what powers you gain so i can be like...damn that is sick! instead of the usual..."when the hell am i getting the f**king item that was in the trailer" the whole time.

techie3242d ago

you could see this in the original trailer.

Parapraxis3242d ago

True deep, however from the trailer you couldn't tell if it was actual gameplay or QTE, or even an in-game cut-scene.

mcnablejr3242d ago

but with a bald man,god like powers and no time travel.

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