BeefJack: Is The Entertainment Centre The One Line of Defence Against a Digital Distribution Future?

BeefJack Writes: I remember a good few years ago I latched onto the craze of purchasing rare games- suddenly I was bidding like crazy on an original cardboard boxed copy of Quake 2, or comparing deals on a Limited Edition pressing of Elite from the Speccy era. Truth is, I considered Elite far too before my time to warrant a purchase before I realized Limited Edition copies were a highly sought commodity.

Earlier this month it was announced that digital distribution only accounts for about 10% of all sales. It's funny, I was all for a future where all content – and I mean literally, all content – was made solely available digitally. Suddenly the stigma of having to find some gormless friend to accompany us to a box office flick would be a thing of the past, shortages on titles on launch day would be nonexistent, the floodgates would open for ambitious indie devs to find a legitimate distribution model- hell, what's the problem? Well, ye olde entertainment centre – the one bastion of our pedantic side, housing our expansive collection of titles new and rare – would simply disappear.

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mrwiggles3248d ago

Geez... Quake 2 That takes me back!

Halfofme3248d ago

After spending nine years tryng to track down Courier Crisis in PAL for the Staurn this article hits close to home.

slee3248d ago

Collector's edition of Bioshock 2, here I come!