IGN: Mass Effect 2 Normandy Crash Site Impressions

Mass Effect 2 officially launched just a few hours ago, and BioWare and EA already have a slew of content available for folks who are part of the Cerberus Network and who preordered the game.

Yes, if you preordered at select retailers (or made good on a late night Microsoft error), you should have some free armor and/or weapons to play with. If you bought the game new (or bought it used and paid for the content on the Xbox Marketplace), you'll have access to one new mission on the Cerberus Network. Another is coming later this week along with a different character. Rather than make you wait and wonder about what all that wonderful content is, IGN is going to break it down for you right here.

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Ninja_Moomin3248d ago


lord_of_balrogs3248d ago

Blame IGN not bloodmask, he's just following the N4G guidelines. But really IGN should of showed more tact when posting this news article. Good thing I had a suspician from the trailers that the Normandy would be destroyed or I'd be choked right now. Buying this game tomorrow.

Saaking3248d ago

It's not a spoiler. You can clearly see in trailers that the Normandy get's blown to bits.

Charmers3248d ago

Yeah I hardly see how this is a spoiler, we have known about the fate of Shepard and the Normandy for months now.

mikepmcc3248d ago

How is it a spoiler? It's listed as dlc on the cerberus network as soon as you start up the game, it's in the first cutscene before you even start the game, and it's what the entire article is about...