Dante's Inferno Dark Forest DLC Not PS3 Exclusive

Dante's Inferno executive producer Jonathan Knight has revealed that the Dark Forest DLC will not, as previously believed, be a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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Ms_Alize_Rose3243d ago

glad to see 360 is also getting this dlc. I was gonna switch my preorder to ps3 but now i wont.

Demons Souls3243d ago

I'll still be getting the PS3 version since the 360 demo had too much screen tearing and some framerate drops and the PS3 demo had better textures.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893243d ago

exclusive games are one thing but exclusive dlc is bs i dont care who its exclusive glad this exclusive dlc thing isnt becoming to recurring...... gamers just lose when dlc is exclusive....or timed....imo exclusive dlc crosses the line...its not console war strategy its just downright unneccessary, and bs.....

WildArmed3243d ago

Aye, I'm against console exclusive DLC in any form (including Joker on Batman)..
I dont mind console specific DLC (Gears in LP etc etc).

If it's a multiplat, you should keep it (as close as possible) equal on both consoles

FamilyGuy3242d ago

This is the first I'm hearing of this "Dark Forest" to begin with.

And I agree, I don't think any multi-platform game should have DLC that's exclusive to one system.

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