New God of War 3 Screenshots feature a giant...

PSUni: A new set of magazine scans featuring God of War III have been released, with a number of new screenshots. One of them shows Kratos fighting a giant gorilla. You'll also find the full set of magazine scans from Hobby Consolas #221 Feb 2010.


OK, it's neither giant, nor is it a gorilla...but enjoy the new screenshots anyway =)

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ipwnall3245d ago

Not even High Quality but my gosh it looks great.

nskinnear3245d ago

Yep - March can't come soon enough :D

FangBlade3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

but still, you can see how the pics scream GOTY 2010 RAWR~!

nskinnear3245d ago

Hopefully Sony will release a higher-quality version of these screens soon :)

iron_sheik3245d ago

cant get better than that

WildArmed3245d ago

lol I've been locking out all info since 28th Jan.. but all these screenies keep poping up D:

I Don'ts wantsa spoilza Godza Warza.
Wellz maybeza peekaz won'tsa hurtz O_O

cmrbe3245d ago

are doing the best they can to keep the full quality of GOW3 from the public to surprise people. Thats why we are getting crappy screens and very little information.

SM knows that GOW is an established franchise and such they do need to put out amazing assets to impress people. This is what the director of GOW3 said. They want to blow people away when the game is about to release. GOTY contender.

Guido3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

This game is going to be epic. Easily one of my most anticipated action games this year IMHO.


so the next God Of War installment will be set in the chinese civilisation? Proof: http://www.playstationunive...
I know those are Andy Park's artworks (the man who didd all GOW artworks) but since many of those artworks were released even before GOW3 announcement, so he might be teasing us about the next GOW!

FamilyGuy3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Where? I don't see a giant gorilla anywhere in those photos. Is it supposed to be that picture that this article uses as a sample because that *creature* is hardly "giant" and doesn't really look like a gorilla either (though the image IS of poor resolution).

It must say it's a gorilla in the text somewhere but I can't read the language. (spanish?)

I suppose some of these big, hairy, armored guys could pass for gorillas but these are concept art so they may not even be in this game.
this more than the rest


Gorilla bear!

FamilyGuy3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

But those are still concept art, they may not even be in the final product. And not to mention the article poster wrote that the picture shows kratos fighting the gorilla and those concept arts are all solo monster pieces.

exnihilonihilfit3245d ago

Between a Gorilla and a Golem.

3245d ago
sikbeta3245d ago


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techie3245d ago

Quite a few more new screens in the scans.

artsaber3245d ago

Kratos kills King Kong too? 0_q

bnaked3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

b... b... but.. only Chuck Norris can do such things ...

Shane Kim3245d ago

Noes....only teh 360'z with it'z red death gaze.

Coffin873245d ago

Haha that was hilarious!

redsquad3245d ago

They hit 'disagree' but daren't show their faces.

AliTheBrit193245d ago

Hi :)

I'm a bot right?

Anyway, games looking great, a lot better than the E3 demo, will be picking up if I enjoy the first two.

awesomeperson3245d ago

But Ali your not a good bot. Half the time you have a decent argument and actual facts... And you don't troll 90% of the PS3 articles. So I don't really count you as a bot :)

taylork373245d ago

...yet he still gets 5 disagrees for saying something good.

@ redsquad

You were saying?

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