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Submitted by NeoBasch 2206d ago | review

GamingXP Reviews Heavy Rain


"Already with "Fahrenheit" was the French developer Quantic Dream Team from the house of attention. Although this book failed the great commercial success, pushing the developers on 26 February 2010 after a similar title. Here's our review of "Heavy Rain"!

"For many, like "Heavy Rain" nothing more than a series of quicktime events, for me it is a real pleasure. The incredibly compelling storyline, coupled with the successful representation of everyday situations that insanely good graphics and everything - Hammer!"

- A gripping story
- Depth characters
- Spiffy Gameplay
- Grandiose Graphics

- No "Game"?

JANUARY 26TH, 2010 (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9.2/10

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Hellsvacancy  +   2206d ago
CONS No "Game"?


9.2 is still good though
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WildArmed  +   2206d ago
lol.. just coz Kojima said that this game is made for MGS-hardcore fans and it's full of cut-scenes from them didn't stop the media going all crazy on it.
Heavy Rain is going to do great, regardless of them regarding it as a game or not. (Just like MGS4.. 'movie' my ass lol)
I'm really looking forward to this game and will pick it up in summer.

Kodus to Cage for finally bringing us a Interactive movie/the future of books.. the future of movie-telling?
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NeoBasch  +   2206d ago
It's not a big deal. Games continue to evolve. He's just a step ahead of 'em. Future games will come to be known as Interactive Experiences, which, in my opinion, describes the medium rather aptly. I'm surprised to see this score higher than their review of Mass Effect 2 quite honestly. Not that I mind. Far from it, I'm overjoyed. Nice to see the media taking a liking to this game. Granted they are two different writers, but still. The PC version of ME2 didn't score that high either (88%). Makes me wonder. Must have been quite an experience.
Raf1k1  +   2206d ago
A mate of mine whose still stuck in last gen was telling me how amazing Indigo Prophecy was so I showed him the trailer for Heavy Rain and he couldn't stop yapping about how much he'd love to play it.

Apparently it's very much like Indigo Prophecy with very similar scenes and locations.
callahan09  +   2206d ago
Hmm, I didn't realize this website was on MetaCritic. Interesting.
iron_sheik   2206d ago | Spam
StanLee  +   2206d ago
Yeah but if it's not a "game", how exactly do you market it? The game deals with very mature themes, decisions and consequences but who exactly is the audience and I'm afraid the audience to which such a game appeals is very small. I personally have no interest in Heavy Rain.
Guido  +   2206d ago
I would call Heavy Rain as much a game as Myst.
Both great but definitely something different than what we are used to at the moment we play them.
BRG9000  +   2206d ago
No, it's not a game. Which is why it is interesting to see how VIDEO GAME web sites handle reviewing it.

If you want to be a stickler about the non-game definition, then those guys wouldn't review it at all, for the same reason they don't review books or movies. And really those reviews shouldn't be posted to N4G anyway, as it is not a game.
bnaked  +   2206d ago
There is a "?" after "no game". So he can't find any negative points..
BYE  +   2206d ago
If they call this and MGS4 a movie, I rather play movies than games...
Crimsonite  +   2206d ago
@iron sheik.
please lets not turn this into another flame war. anyway good score, I will indeed be picking up this game.Love trying out games that try new things.
cmrbe  +   2206d ago
Interactive expereince as BachPS3 mentioned. Most non gamer see games as your typical combo mashing shoot/cover rinse repeat fare. This is why i have already paid for Heavy rain in full. It will be something different from the norm. As much as i like U2 i am getting tired of the same formula over and over again. I need something new/fresh. Heavy Rain is just what the doctor ordered.
Hisiru  +   2206d ago
- No "Game"? "

This is an adventure point and click man! If you never played one in your life DON'T MAKE A REVIEW for this game.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2206d ago
people complain saying its not a game but look at the definition of a game.

1 a (1) : activity engaged in for diversion or amusement :
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Prototype  +   2206d ago
Whats Spiffy mean?

Anyways its a midnight release for me :D
Glyn_Dwr  +   2206d ago
I must say, early reviews are looking very promising! I certainly cant wait to pick this up! Plus the Heavy Rain 4 Day Challenge starts today! Let the hype machine start rolling!
NeoBasch  +   2206d ago
Hype machine started a long time ago. Just don't go overboard. ;)

Just curious. How many of you believe this will be a GotY contender and secure some nominations? I've always thought so, but apparently other communities like GameTrailers believe the game will score in the mid 80% range, which I highly doubt. Opinions? Not that it matters. Just a fun little game.
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iron_sheik   2206d ago | Spam
baum  +   2206d ago
You also expected Killzone 2 to sell more than 4 million units.
Jigga69  +   2206d ago
He he he he he
That's really good news. Ambitious > respect
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Kakihara  +   2206d ago
I just hope this game can replicate the awesomeness that was the first few scenes of Indigo prophecy without repeating the last half of the game. I'm not even just talking about the story. Indigo prophecy started great and you could feel that you were making big choices and really in control but then it started to become a little bit like a straight forward point and click game. Not bad but not as great as it started.
sephy 9 2 5  +   2206d ago
It's kind of funny
people claim Heavy Rain isn't a game yet you're using every single button and analog stick on the controller to do various actions. Plus motion control.
InfectedDK  +   2206d ago
lol indeed, it's kinda funny.. I will still see it as a "game" (WOW).. Even though it's a different kind of game.. ;)
NeoBasch  +   2206d ago
I agree for the most part. From the "gamers" perspective, David Cage sounds cuckoo. He loves to state how Heavy Rain is nothing like a video game, and then the next segment you see is a level full of button prompts. lol However, if you think about it, what he says is true.

Games imply competition, which was never the case in previous generations. Games had a much broader appeal. Games are in essence something you can interact with to achieve a goal. This goal can be personal or objective. For instance, New Year's Resolutions could be considered a game.

So in a way Heavy Rain is a game. Just not a "game" gamers are used to. Understand? Took me a while to grasp this concept, but now I can confidently claim I know exactly what he means. Games when taken to the visual level present a unique setting where the player is not at risk of being harmed (physically, at least). This paves the way for a narrative experience. Some games have already taken advantage of this: Uncharted, Mass Effect, and BioShock. However, Heavy Rain will be the first to show us the potential as a more modern and dramatic experience.

This is what games will become. That doesn't mean games will always play off these "boring" concepts (waking up, and making breakfast). Some may go the Uncharted route and cater to the Action/Adventure enthusiast. Same goes for movies and books obviously. It really depends, but until the media embraces this concept Heavy Rain will largely be considered just another genre. Once the gaming public recognizes the potential games have to offer, I have a feeling Heavy Rain will be listed as one of the pioneering efforts of the medium. Heavy Rain is an attempt at realizing this potential, and nothing more. That is all David Cage is trying to say. At least, that's what I think.
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gijsbrecht  +   2206d ago
I'm glad it's at least getting some good press
I'm really looking forward this game. Strangely enough even more so than to GoW3 or GT5. I haven't been able to resist to view the first few minutes of the tutorial and, although a lot of people made fun of it, even that part was beautifully and elegantely done by just going through the daily waking up routine; it will be at least an intruiging experience. Can't wait.
ViciousBoston  +   2206d ago
I am really REALLY looking forward to playing this. I really thought it wasn't going to be that big until the last month or so. I started paying more attention to it and i'm so psyched to play it. I mean I literally get goosebumps thinking about it.
iron_sheik   2206d ago | Spam
AliTheBrit19  +   2206d ago
Awesome, this looks like a really good experience

I dont view this as a game though...interactive media? sure but this has too little of what I consider a game to be considered a game.

I'll rent it first.
Karooo  +   2206d ago
Support the devs
oh wait you dont have a ps3 right keep stealth trolling.
iron_sheik   2206d ago | Spam
baum  +   2206d ago
Nasim against the world, lol.

Anyway, I don't care if it's a gamer or movie or interactive media, or whatever. I'm still getting it regardless of sales or scores.
AliTheBrit19  +   2206d ago
^^ I've had a PS3 since launch day in europe

and I was once a well known PS3 fanboy, I was around loooooong before Nasim came into the picture.
Two-Face  +   2206d ago
Not bad, not bad.

I'm impressed.
iron_sheik   2206d ago | Spam
militant07  +   2206d ago
omg, we got it.
you dont have to post it 3 times.
Crimsonite  +   2206d ago
it seems he just wants to attract the trolls.posting 3 times the same exact thing(almost) is pretty much spam.
Akagi  +   2206d ago
Doc Sony  +   2206d ago

- Spiffy gameplay


- No 'Game'


- Bizarro World
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Kalowest  +   2206d ago
A good score, for an awesome good, too many GOTY contenders this year.
ps360wll  +   2206d ago
great review...
Its nice to know this game is getting high 9's... congrats QD. First day buy for me :D
ClownBelt  +   2206d ago
Pretty good. I say, this game will average around 88 - 93 on meta.

This is the only western game that I'm really excited about, and will be getting 100% on the release date. Even God of War 3 will get a pass from me.
facelike  +   2206d ago
Western? This is a French game.
ClownBelt  +   2206d ago
It's still considered that. Unless it's made in Japan, it will be for the most part a Western made game.
beans  +   2206d ago
Well if it's not a game then I guess this knocks off one PS3 exclusive game for 2010. J/k
fishd  +   2206d ago
The best review for HR is playing Fahrenheit,if you liked Fahrenheit then you'll love HR.
free3sixty  +   2206d ago
I enjoyed Fahrenheit, played it twice or three times but Fahrenheit had an game Over, this game doesnt.

Lets hope that Heavy Rain will go the same way as Fahrenheit.
SlipperyMooseCakes  +   2206d ago
I expect this game to settle around a 90 average score. That's pretty good for a new, unique IP.
cmrbe  +   2206d ago
It will be on 90 plus or minus 1.

This game3 could get really bad reviews from reviewers though that review this game as a traditional game like U2 or ME2.

This game will really test reviewers on what they percive as a game or interactive entertainment.
NeoBasch  +   2206d ago
I honestly don't think the reviews will be that different. Just look at Indigo Prophecy. For all it got right, IP is hardly an outstanding game, but if you look at the Metacritic or GameRankings, they suggest something completely different. IP was awesome during the first five hours, but the game fell apart in the final three... tragically. If I had to guess, the average would probably be a 93, + or - 1.

I expect largely 9+ scores based on the impressions I read from the likes of GameSpot, 1UP, IGN, etc. Take PlayStation: The Offical Magazine for instance. They've already reviewed the game. We're just waiting for the confirmation of the perfect score (5/5). P: tOM is a US mag by the way. OPM UK are the ones who reviewed the game first.
gabe_360  +   2206d ago
heavy rain gonna flop in sales
Heaven Rain looks to be all the time a interactive movie with a couple a button tapping to choose what to see next. It will be more seeing then playing.

Heavy Rain will be another in the long line of PS3 exclusives to be crushed under the weight of ridiculous expectation... It'll be quirky, massively story driven, and won't be to everyones taste..When enough info comes to light that people can determine the game isnt what they hoped it to be, they will write it off but the game will appeal to a reasonable subset of the userbase. Reviews will be average to good...

this game won't sell well..

#19 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Karooo  +   2206d ago
why do you give a sht
if it flops in sales? why dont u go play ur 360 and stop posting here? its from sony 1st party studios if sony recovers development cost thats enough for a new IP.

Main point of exclusives is to sell consoles, only 3rd party sales matter.

Just go troll in, you are not needed in ps3 sections, PS3 fans know what is best for them.
#19.1 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
weazel  +   2206d ago
All hail the UberGeek gabenewell360! Kooky lord of all gimps! ^^
..Did you just refer to a human demographic as "reasonable subset of the userbase"?

Own up! You been having naughty dreams about MS Office Excel again?
#19.2 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
baum  +   2206d ago
"SORRY PS3 FANS"?? Why would I care how much it sells?
As long as I get to enjoy it, I don't care what morons think about sales.
onanie  +   2206d ago
Sorry that you are fat.
free3sixty  +   2206d ago
SO if MAG gets reviews 3 days before release than the PS3 fanboys say that the magazines review a beta if they socre the game 6, 7 or 8

But if a game gets reviewed 1 month before its release and gets a 9.2 than its all fine.. lol
Karooo  +   2206d ago
is a multiplayer game you need to play for 20 days to know the full experience there are a lots of modes on MAG.

Understand the reason before opening your mouth.
Doc Sony  +   2206d ago

...Just WOW...

YOU SIR win the award for Idiot of the CENTURY.

Did you even think for a second before posting your nonsense ?

Please don't raise children.
#20.2 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jerethdagryphon  +   2206d ago
different type of poduct, mag requires many players playing the game at once to be reviewable,

heavy rain . is finished the code has been finalized so it can be played in full before mainstream release
The Iron Sheik  +   2206d ago
Free3sixty you are an idiot. This fool needs to loose all his bubbles for that moronic post.
Madeline12  +   2206d ago
9.2 thats definitely an awesome score. I wonder if the game will receive a 10 from any major reviewer.
I think Heavy Rain will start good on sales and get even better as more people hear about it so perhaps a 4ish million to 6ish million sold in a 1 year period. Maybe more maybe less who knows.
NeoBasch  +   2206d ago
We're currently awaiting confirmation for the perfect score from PlayStation: the Offical Magazine (a Future publication). They hint at it with the cover of their latest via a tweet made by the Editor-in-Chief. That and BioShock 2. Also, there are at least two reviewers from GameSpot who put Heavy Rain as either the game they want to review the most or second most (I think there might have even been a third). Probably the two that have been doing the previews and impressions. I don't think perfect scores are much of a stretch.
#21.1 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
yoghurt  +   2206d ago
Great score, but get ready for the peculiar 'cons' as there is nothing else negative.
creeping judas  +   2206d ago
For me this game will be HAMMER!!!
bjornbear  +   2206d ago
wow thats a great score =D
this game will be the sleeper hit of 2010 and GoTY contender IF i think it will do what I think it will do =) define a whole new genre for games =D

@ everyone saying its not a game

i don't care if the creator said its not a game. He's wrong =/ a game is a situation where one or more players deal with various decisions that will result in different outcomes.

that is the pure mechanic of a game: making decisions, and having different results come from them.

If anything, to me, Heavy Rain is a PURE game, because it emulates "life"'s game, which is choosing a path and having to deal with consequences =)
creeping judas  +   2206d ago
You know I've been thinking. So what if it got "no game", what does it matter if people don't call it a game? Heavy Rain has the ability to be genre defining in that we no longer call these type games as "games". It will be something new. Do you see where I am going with this? This wont be a game, it will be better then a game.

Just what to call it?
bjornbear  +   2206d ago
an experience.
however, to me, if it has an outcome depending on my decisions within a controlled system, its a game =)

i agree tho, who cares what people call it =P its AWESOME.
likedamaster  +   2206d ago
The very definition of "passive entertainment".
blair_enigma  +   2206d ago
not passive
in the robbery scence, you hold the shoulder buttons to raise your hand up to avoid being shot. try being passive and not hold the buttons, then youl know its active not passive. or maybe you dont care about ethan mars. ?
Lirky  +   2206d ago
Okay so in fahreinheit/indigo prophecy (console version) you get good vibes earlier on its an amazing game decision making and how it makes your choices different thru each play thru. But the story seemed very strange later on but the earlier on momements till the middle of the game was superb. Heavy rain makes up for that Since how the story will stay on track most of the time in search for origami killer. This game gives me the same vibes i felt when playing fahrenheit for the first time i cant wait to get it.
peeps  +   2206d ago
- Spiffy Gameplay

- No "Game"?

that's confusing :p i kinda get what they mean but hell it will be nice to play a different type of game for a change. i'm a massive shooter fan (lucky i am tbh) but it will be nice to get some variety
Qwagah  +   2206d ago
Nothing wrong with stepping out the norm, def worth a look.
Shane Kim  +   2206d ago
If that's the only con then count me in day one.
Fnally something new and refreshing than all the god damn FPS shooters.
#29 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jjesso1993  +   2206d ago
Has there been any word on how long this game would be cant wait to play hope this longer than what mate said it was; he said it was only 7 hours.

I suffer from dyslexia and sorry if you dont like it if spell word wrong or miss out a comma or full stops or semicolon. reason for this is seem to be getting lot angry people having ago at me for making mistakes iam sorry.
NeoBasch  +   2206d ago
If I remember correctly, it can be finished in eight hours, but the average play time is ten. While to me this is the perfect length, for others it may be a bit short. However, where the appeal of the game comes in is how you decide to interact with the characters and events within. Every choice has a consequence, which can be drastic in some cases. The replay value will be relatively high as there are many different outcomes to the decisions you make, which is perfect for a game of this caliber (read experience).

By the way, don't worry about what other people say. I'm sure none of them would have given you a hard time had they known you were dyslexic. On the Internet, people sit behind their computers saying whatever they want without understanding who the other person they are talking to truly is. Its both a gift and a curse. The key is knowing when to tell the difference. I hope you have a better time using N4G in the future.
#30.1 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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