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"Space, the final frontier. Commander Shepard breaks up into a new adventure and is the only between people and their destruction. What does this role-playing game from Electronic Arts promises and whether it can keep you here.

"Even after long games you just do not get enough of "Mass Effect". The story, the atmosphere, the interaction does not simply let loose. What is next, with whom Shepard allowed more than flirting and what have these collector to do? All that we want to find the best and right now. Suchpotenzial included. Although there are still some shortcomings and has not really changed at the fundamental principle of the game since the days of "Star Wars" role-playing something that looks "Mass Effect" is still equal. The basic principle coupled with interactive discussions and this wonderful production is what makes this game for every action and RPG fans for compulsory purchase."

- Facial expressions and gestures of the figures
- Gripping story
- Plenty of action
- Many weapons and items
- Cinematic Production

- Partial blurring of contours
- A little life away from the story

BY MICHAELN(freelancer)
JANUARY 26TH, 2010

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callahan093242d ago

This site is on MetaCritic, too. Didn't think it was til I checked the MetaCritic site's list. Another good score!